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    Originally posted by stacy.veronica:
    hi guys im kinda new in imagine town but was the first to explore imagine town
    What do you mean??? And WELCOME TO IMAGINE TOWN! How are you liking it so far?
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    I like imagine town rockstar and fashion designer
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    I have none, because I thought they might be boring, but I played Imagine Town and thought maybe they're fun after all!
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    ACH! They are sooooooooo fun! And they have many choices! Fashion Designer, Fashion Designer while traveling a lot, Doctor, Reporter...... ECT! I luv Imagine games!
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    Also, I have no fave!
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    That is easy! my favorite one is...
    I'm a real soccer team captain in real!
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    i only have one which is......................
    <LI>imagine fashion stylist

    that is really an exciting game but i want more imagine games
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    Imagine that your favorite characters went for a vacation!
    Where did they go? How to have fun? Maybe they will be pampered by the sea? Or together to go camping with tents? Or maybe it will be a lot of traveling to exotic countries?
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