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    I will start a server when there are some who wants to play so post in this thread if you want to play ONLINE.
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    I thought i couldn't see any servers because i put my product key in wrong at the login. like for example XXX-XXX i used the dashes. idk i wish i could play online. can't you use hamachi?
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    Let's go! I'm bored to tears playing by myself.
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    i was waiting for that
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    Write here when you have a server up or if you want to play
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    Posted Thu May 06 2010 01:20 Hide Post

    5~11 PM depending on day.

    Game type solo dogfight no time limit.

    Late Era.

    Details can be discussed via in-game messaging or forum, though I rarely visit the forum.
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    i'm grrrrrrrrr, i wan a playyyyy, my hour is 7.00pm to 12.00am...........
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    I would love to play! let me know when the server is up and running. It will be great to play with other people! Thanks allot!
    hh gregg
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    Are there any servers for this game yet???
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    I would like to play online. But I dont know how to start. I just got this game.
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