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    No one posts in that damned tech support board. I was here a long time ago, begging for assistance for this glitch. Various members of Eugen even stated that it would be fixed. I didn't have this issue back in the Open Beta. It started during the "Free Weekend" so I can only wonder how the game acquired more bugs from its BETA to release. I have a supported video card, an nVIDIA 6200. While being old and horrible, it's still covered by the minimum requirements and used to work. I honestly feel scammed here and would like information on how to fix this. Pic included. You may know it as the "shadow glitch"
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    One player on a tournament I attended had to quit because his whole screen became white. There are some pretty bad visual glitches in this game.

    Once a while, I would have this situation where I can no longer see artillery shells, tank shells, gunfire, and aicraft bombs falling. Sometimes, bombs released would never fall but the damage still occurs. So, all the 'particle effects' would dissapear. Along with that, I would get these horrible white streaks across my screen. All I do is restart the computer / game and it works again.
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    Definitely not my issue. I've tried nearly everything in the book.
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    Yeah ive had my fighting animation go away and my whole screen turn yellow that I see nothing at all and then I loose or other bits and peices that ruin my games
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    Go to options:
    Try turning compatibility shadows on/off.
    Turn Hardware Instancing to Force on/Force off.

    Update drivers?
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