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    First off all I want to congratulate UBI soft for making this game. The graphics and every thing is so real! I really Love this game.

    I like to pay simulators in top realism as possible and for this game I have Historical correct Music that was played on those germen submarines. This Gramophone player is really cool!
    Want to hear a song? : http://eri.ca/refer/ubootlie.MP3

    OK but now I have encountered a miner problem!!

    So I like to play the MP3 music files for the Gramophone once in a while. Like they did to keep up the good morale.

    But I don€t like to hear the Game ogg music files all the time!

    And if I turn of music in the main game menu I don€t get to play the Gramophone
    And if I remove the game music files the game crashes. And there is no way to switch form music ON or OF in the campaign plays.

    Is there any one out there that can help me please?

    Gramophone YES!
    Game music NO!

    Thank you!

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    I have the game music turned off and my gramophone plays fine. You just unchecked the music box and left the music knob in game options alone, right?
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