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    hi i am new to this game and i cant connect to the servers?i read in the manual under playstation network on page 21 there are protocols that needs to be set.but i dont understand.halp will be priciatd.

    or its becuse i am from south africa and we cant connect
    thank (sorry for spelling)
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    you're talking about the PlayStation Network or the EndWar servers?
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    Aye we would need more info, like above said are you having problems signing into the ps network or the game servers? Do you have internet on your console or is that where you are having problems?
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    no i can connect to ps network but i cant get on the game server.
    I cant even get on to the vip in the game then screen go white then back to game.And when i trade skirmish it say signed in error message but i am connect to ps network.My internet is working and i can get on home.

    (thank for the reply)
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    sry, no idea how to help with not connecting to the EndWar servers, do you have problems connecting to any other games?
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    no my other games works.The people at ubisoft forgot about us in south africa
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    Hello, i have same problem as this man does, i can play everything else, but not End war..

    it dosen't give me to join to server, i am living in europe finland
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    hi no connection to end war servers? and is there only 1 map i can play against the ai in skirmish mode??
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    This same crap happened yesterday all day till like 6 pm.I think they are trying to kill the comunity so they can use the severs for something else or not pay maintence on them.Im may be wrong and theres a problem but looking back on there rep I wouldnt be surprised
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    yes 3 days and still down come on ubi this is a very good game yous just need to work on it most of the bugs come out of lag and if you put the server back to if you leave when your units on the filed or they are downed they die and fix the lag this would be a perfect game but atm i dont think i will buy ruse as if this is like this and yous stopped working on it i wonder what that game will be like
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