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    I am also a steam user and have already regretted it that I purchased the game through steam.
    The patch is 2 days old by now, no news from either steam or Ubisoft. A totally unprofessional situation and both companies are involved.
    Steam should ERASE this erratic software at once and all its users get a full refund plus one game for free for their patience!
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    To be honest, nothing fixed in the 1.2 patch has actually worked properly. Deck and flak sometimes dosen't function, my depth under keel bings but dosen't return a reading, none of the dials i've noticed appear to have been fixed, torpedo doors dont work still, the compass is great but useless as only half of it is visible, ships burning with crew members, still showing my crew underwater, no camo, docks sometimes disappear, boats leaping out of the water and bouncing around the land when hit, i could continue but there's a few things to get started on thanks
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    steam is now patched
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    It looks like this recent patch changed my keyboard commands. Pressing F5 now surfaces
    the boat! Pressing F1 still shows old commands...
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    Originally posted by inousiainen:
    It looks like this recent patch changed my keyboard commands. Pressing F5 now surfaces
    the boat! Pressing F1 still shows old commands...
    By default "F5" is set to "Ability 1":

    Do you have any mods installed, or did you have mods installed when you patched?
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    Things I have noticed, watch crew not using binoculars, still not wearing rain gear, having issues maintaining depth below 100m the sub just keeps diving,

    AI is un motivated most of the time. spent an entire evening in scapa flow, sunk two battleships, and the destroyers just sat there and watched. one pinged me, but made no effort to give chase or retaliate in any way.
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    The manual TDC does not work properly even when I enter correct data for range, speed and AOB. Lets remove any workarounds and correct this.

    Please remove the halo!

    left full and right full rudder work properly but not the center rudder " o key "

    Thanks for asking.
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    autosaves chrash game to desktop when loaded.

    The UI map, the map thingy you can min - max causes severe lag. Cant use it have to use large map "M"

    enemy planes ignores you....

    Ship enemy AI is i have no idea...extremely bad..(ignores me when attacking convoys)

    The crew clothing etc as all other have noticed.

    Cant host more than 3 players online, no matter what puter i use, they either crash out or the game chrash...

    "and here is abit thumps up to you"

    Enemy subs attacking you under water with torps, scared the living **** out of me

    1.2 made the game playable on my laptop that is bloody awsome.

    Even of the probs / bugs etc, im starting to enjoy the game. (gave up on a refund and shelfed it to 1.2)

    **and my hope**

    That you realy take us serios, give the modders the tools to make this game what it can be, not even you devs can be happy with the state of things. I live in a naive hope that you have the same feelings towards SH as Oleg M have to the IL2 series. Love and dedication to your work and a information line to the fan base(yes not game players) People who are fans of the series.....you the devs have an oportunity to feel a fanbase apriciate your work, people who loves to use there freetime on what you create.

    My hope is that you dont loose sight of this in these hard times. If "deadlines and suits are pressing you, think on us, those who waits for you and us who apriciate what you do..

    We will understand delays...

    We do understand that you might be under pressure..

    But please communicate with us, not on a distant forum, but here at the official forum...let us know so we can understand....

    If i in my job had a fanbase as you have for this you create i would be humble and proud, if you want succes, more money you simply have to talk to us thats it...nothing more nothing less..

    **the end**

    Im having fun, my mind is changed, i keep SH5 and i will roam the seas from Kiel to Tokyo..

    Tx for this game and have a nice weekend

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    Originally posted by inousiainen:
    It looks like this recent patch changed my keyboard commands. Pressing F5 now surfaces
    the boat! Pressing F1 still shows old commands...
    Yes I concurr, and add that both F5 & F6 do work and mans, and unmans the guns, but also commands sufacing the boat and the chief calls it out too when using these keys.
    So apprently the R and these two F keys are tied in some way. Although the R(surface the boat) key works as intended and doesn't do anything with the guns.

    Ok on to other things im seeing.
    The shadows inside the sub look to be a lower resoloution now and grainy.
    Also shadows still show though the tower's skin from looking at from outside as if it were plastic or fiberglass.
    Now this next thing may or may not have been part of the fixes, but any map plotting done by the player except for the sub's course is not saved when saving game. Sunk ship icons are also not saved.
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    1.2 GFX Issues

    Just thought Id mention,

    1.2 changes cocerning interior and FPS issues have now made the game worse for me. Ironic really as I had no prior issues with the GFX and performance requirements when running all at full. I now seem to jump around my boat in a rather amusing manner and suffer querpy remarks from my crew.

    Furthermore, whilst surfaced the GFX are not to the standard as before. Infact the game seems to be running very differently and with all honesty the 1.2 patch in this area has made matters worst.

    Im willing to povide any info required, such as setup, benchmarking and even dxdiag files if needed.

    PS. On the bright side I believe there is a lot of potential with SH 5 and am paitient enough to see what happens....untill then, I still have SH 3 and all the mods to keep me smilling
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