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    <span class="ev_code_red">1. Multiple teams / Mission Planning</span>

    While I realize the reason this was taken out in the first place was to "streamline" the game and make it more accessible for new players, all it really managed to do was alienate old players who loved that feature.

    The thing is, it isn't necessary to remove that feature entirely just to allow new players to have a less complicated experience. All that needs to be done is at the briefing, give the player the choice. Ask them if they want to create their own mission plan, or use a preset plan. Let them select how many teams they want to use (1, 2, 3, 5, 10, whatever).

    Don't alienate players who want the game complex and don't alienate players who want the game simple. Give the player the choice of how complex his gameplay experience is. Choices are ALWAYS a good thing.

    <span class="ev_code_red">2. Smaller scale and more feasible situations</span>

    Drop the "5 bazillion terrorists have taken over Manhattan! Send in a four man team to destroy them!!" from Lockdown. It REEKS of arcade, shooting gallery style gameplay and it's a slap in the face to what R6 was supposed to be.

    If EVER there were a situation with 100+ terrorists, that's something the army would handle, not a small, four-man squad or even four, four-man squads. Rainbow is supposed to be about single building/complex takeovers by small groups of well armed and trained terrorists, such that a regular SWAT team could not handle it.

    Drop the number of terrorists back to 10-20 max and devote all that extra processor time found in cutting out the 80 others to the AI of those few enemies. Have them communicate with one another via voice, radio, etc, so that if you don't take one down fast enough, they report your position to others and you'll find yourself flanked soon enough, or hostages getting shot.

    <span class="ev_code_red">3. Bring back fluid motion</span>

    Fluid leaning and peeking was a brilliant idea in Raven-Shield and I'd like to see it make a comeback. Just don't let people run around set in a skewed position. Let them shuffle when leaned, but not a full walk or run.

    <span class="ev_code_red">4. Prone/Dive</span>

    First, prone... as far as I'm concerned, it's a necessary position in any tac shooter. Diving is something I'd also like to see. The ability to either just straight drop to prone if standing still in a FAST motion, not slowly going to crouch, then slowly going prone. If I'm under fire unexpectedly, I'm hitting the dirt, or diving for cover if it's available.

    <span class="ev_code_red">5. Cross-com / helmet cams</span>

    I would love to see a helmet cam feature added in, where you can see a video stream of what a teammate sees either in single or multiplayer. It works well in SWAT 4 and I'm sure it will work well in GRAW. I think it'd be a great addition to R6. Would also give another hud option to bring back the minimap from Rogue Spear. Let it cycle through vid feeds of players or a wireframe map.

    <span class="ev_code_red">6. Give us a REAL challenge mode</span>

    Look at The Regiment as an example. Give us a game mode that has extremely high standards for speed (time) and accuracy and doesn't allow for mistakes (dead teammates, dead hostages...) Don't make it the default mode by any means, but give us the option for a real challenge that doesn't pat us on the back for taking fifty minutes to complete a mission.

    <span class="ev_code_red">7. "Mission Failed"</span>

    For the love of God, DROP the mission failed the second a hostage is killed. Nothing irritates me more than being forced back to the game menu when there's still two hostages sitting there that need rescuing. Tell me I've failed if you like, but let me continue playing the mission if I so choose.

    <span class="ev_code_red">8. Dedicated Server Package</span>

    I CANNOT stress the importance of this enough. Give us a downloadable dedicated server package that DOES NOT REQUIRE a purchase of the game to run a server and even more importantly does not require a graphics card. Server operators are doing YOU a favour by hosting servers so that people can play your game online. Support them and they will support your game and it's player base FOR you.

    <span class="ev_code_red">9. Mapping tools / Modding tools / SDK</span>

    While a full blown SDK may be an issue if you're using an engine that doesn't belong to you, for the love of God, give us the ability to create new content and maps for the game and do NOT restrict us to existing content like Lockdown.

    <span class="ev_code_red">10. Rainbow vs Rainbow</span>

    Give us the option to play Rainbow vs Rainbow again. I'm not saying take away the Rainbow vs Mercs if you really want to push that, but give us the option to choose the teams on a server side basis. Rainbow vs Rainbow, Rainbow vs Mercs, Mercs vs Mercs. Real, balanced competitive play is made MUCH more difficult when there are different teams with different abilities and different weapons. That's what made R6 so great in MP was that both teams had access to the exact same equipment. From there it was down to spawn points and team skills to decide who won.

    <span class="ev_code_red">11. Multiplayer Modes</span>

    Try to come up with some unique form of objective based MP mode that works in a non-respawning game style so that competition isn't stuck with Team Survival camping matches as the only real solution.

    By unique, I mean something OTHER than bomb, or hostage rescue or any of those tired old methods. Perhaps a sort of conquest style play, where if you control most of the map and nothing changes for some time, the team that's trapped in a location is given a timer and must break free from their position before they lose.

    Too often, matches result in one team securing themselves in one or two rooms of a map and waiting it out for the other team to try and breach, knowing that the assaulting team generally ends up with more casualties. While I'm not saying remove Team Survival as a mode, I'd love to see something offered that plays similar but somehow restricts teams from camping in one corner of a map.

    <span class="ev_code_red">12. Kit Restrictions</span>

    Yep. It's pretty much plain and simple. Let the server decide what weapons, equipment, grenades and attachments are allowed.

    <span class="ev_code_red">13. Locational Damage Effects</span>

    Shot in the leg = limp
    Shot in the arm = lower accuracy, less stability in firing
    Shot in the chest = Slightly slower movement and worse accuracy?

    <span class="ev_code_red">14. Model recoil again like in Raven-Shield</span>

    As the title says... only this time, don't make it so extreme. Ret should not bloom from firing, ret should bloom from movement of the weapon. If the weapon rises from recoil, the rets should not bloom until the player uses the mouse to compensate (and even then it shouldn't be as huge a bloom/recoil effect as in Raven-Shield).

    <span class="ev_code_red">15. Random Spawns</span>

    In MP adversarial maps, allow several different spawn points for both teams (see the method America's Army uses in it's newer maps). Each team has three different spawn locations and each round one of those three is randomly chosen to start at. This way, you never really know exactly where the opposing team is going to start, just a general direction of where they might be. In AA it REALLY cut down on the premeditated grenade spam and actually made you check every corner you went around in case the enemy spawned close enough to already be there.

    <span class="ev_code_red">16. Integrated Voice Comms</span>

    I personally never use them since I prefer to only chat with my friends via Teamspeak/Ventrillo, but it wouldn't hurt to have the ability for those who aren't already in tight knit groups. It helps people identify with their teammates better. Just make sure that you have the ability to mute people easily if need be, from a client perspective and a master mute from a server admin perspective as well. (Client can mute the people they don't want to listen to, server admins can mute players completely so NO ONE can hear them if they're being annoying/abusive.)

    <span class="ev_code_red">17. Armor / Ammo</span>

    Bring back choice of armor and choice of ammo type. While ammo type doesn't affect a ton in MP since just about everyone wears armor (so everyone uses FMJ), it makes a huge difference in SP deciding if there are enough civvies/hostages present to warrant going with JHP to cut down on the penetration.

    <span class="ev_code_red">18. NO EXPLODING BARRELS!!!!</span>

    That's all on that one...

    <span class="ev_code_red">19. More movement speeds</span>

    While I'd like to see a splinter cell style level of control over movement speeds, I think a more feasible method would be one akin to America's Army.

    Give us a walk speed, a run speed and a sprint. Have the sprint tied to a stamina meter so you can't sprint for long periods of time and have the player unable to shoot while sprinting.

    <span class="ev_code_red">20. Bullet Penetration</span>

    Give us at least SOME penetration of objects, doors, furniture, etc... I'd love to see FULL penetration including walls, but gamers tend to complain about that. Maybe a server side option... Full / partial penetration model?

    <span class="ev_code_red">21. Civillians</span>

    For the love of god, give us some civillians in the maps. Some as random hostages, some just hiding out on their own. Make us have to identify a target as a threat BEFORE we open fire.

    <span class="ev_code_red">22. Random enemy/hostage/bomb locations</span>

    See SWAT 4 for this. All hostages and enemy AI are set up in random locations about the map. The bombs in their maps are also spread out amongst a series of possible locations. It really increases replayability and makes it a real challenge instead of just memorizing enemy locations like in Lockdown.

    And finally for tonight, the big one...

    <span class="ev_code_red">23. Do something NEW with a ret/aiming system.</span>

    Give us a ret system that is more involved than just "moving means wider, stopping means tighter."

    Have it bloom when you start moving and draw tighter as you continue in the same direction, like in Rogue Spear (only don't let it get quite as tight as it did in RS while running).

    Then the longer you run, have it bloom more and take some time at a slow walk / dead stop to return to normal again. So if you're running in a short burst to clear rooms and pausing now and then, the ret spreads then closes again fairly quickly, but if you're running constantly through the map, the ret will NOT grow tight again. This will encourage quick room breaches, and still discourage constant run/gun play.

    Have it bloom more with erratic motions and less with slower more calculated motions. If I snap my aim 90 degrees to the left in less than one second, my rets should be much wider than if I pan to the left 90 degrees over several seconds. Again, that ties in with consistency in movement from earlier... It shouldn't just take into account consistency in movement in a direction (forward, back, left, right) but consistency in turning speeds as well. More calculated and deliberate motion should result in better accuracy than snap motions.

    Have injuries affect the scale of all these bloom effects. If you're wounded, it will bloom faster than if you were uninjured.

    Have leaning affect the ret bloom. Leaning left for a right handed soldier should be more difficult to do accurately than leaning right, and leaning period should be more difficult to do than firing when standing straight.

    Make SURE ret-knock is in, so if you are hit before/while you fire, your accuracy is knocked to hell. People will complain that it rewards firing first over "skill", but that's the reality of it. Whoever fires and HITS first is generally the one that's going to win a firefight. The exception to that case should be rare.
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    hope you give us support and a real PC game not recoded console trash like lockdown
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    Oh yeah...

    24. Spectator mode AND Death Cam

    A seperate spectator mode is needed for competitions, so that ladder/league admins can observe matches. This MUST, I repeat MUST be different than the death cam spectating, so that players who die in ladder matches cannot abuse the system and spectate the other team.

    Death cam (TEAM ONLY) spectating is a necessity of non-respawn play, so that people don't get bored out of their wits waiting for the round to end.
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    I agree with all except 2 and 10. Number 2 because, the Moscow theatre siege was 50 terrorists alfa team dealt with it not the army. The difference between the army and Special Forces is that Special Forces do explosive entry and are highly trainined for hostage and sabotage situations the Army isn't. Even if there was a 100 terrorists in the Moscow siege Alfa team (Special Forces) would of dealt with it.

    Number 10, Should be Rainbow vs Rainbow but when you see each other they are mercs, all weapons should be available to each team, this will stop the ID problems with having the standard Rainbow vs Rainbow like in RvS.

    Oh, and please remove heartbeat sensor, motion sensor, which acts like a wallhack, this is mean't to be a Special Forces team, it's not slow and tidy, it's hard and fast! Push players to clear rooms out with professional CQB tactics this is a challenge.
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    i want to see and play GR:AW before, look to innovatives features of that game, and then ask for them into new R6.

    I'm talking about AI behavior, Squad Commands, etc.
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    Really great work, Ted!!!

    If UBI took all your points to heart, Rainbow Six 5 will become a real big hit! There is not much more to say about it.

    Just one or two wishes from myself:

    1) I would love to see a kind of "real training" with grading afterwards. I would like to LEARN real tactics.

    2) There should be done everything to encourage teamwork in MP. Examples:

    - MP modes, where you need multiple team members to reach the objective.

    - Points based on reaching the objective.

    Things like that!

    3) I definately agree in kicking those heart beat sensors and so on. Why not use fiber optics to sneek peek under doors. like in reality.

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    my wish list:

    we def need a heart beat sensor like in rvs or simlar, the motion sensor is ld is a bit to easy if u ask me, if its not on it will be just camping from the other team, really anoying on mp.

    Give us a thermal scope for sniper rifles with a multi colour display. (as in Project IGI) and with some rifles allow us the option to zoom in further, rather that a fixed scope.

    Real gun names as in ravensheild !!
    Guns should have lots of attachments; like scope/silcener together.

    When leaning allow us to WALK left and right, and not run.

    At least 8 players for co op !

    Make it the same speed as ravenshield for running/walking, or what about a burst spirt as in BF2 ? ld was a complete joke was far to fast.

    Allow the players to shoot throu wood etc. to make a kill or gimp.

    Need way better AI than in lockdown.


    Release all server files week or so before final relase date so game servers are ready to go.
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    Daaamn, ya'all have laid it all out. Nothing left for me to add.

    But ya'all know I will anyways.

    Re-iterate the deal with the Dedicated Server. The is the numero uno. 'Nuff said.

    I also agree with TS that exploding barrels are getting pretty lame..

    BUT..... I think (depending on the environment, IE map) exploding gas cans, Propane tanks etc etc would be realistic.. And FUN too!

    I would also like to see a game mode whereas one player acts as a controller for the entire squad. If anyone saw the movie ALIENS with Michael Bienh, that's the concept I have in mind. One person sits at a console with screens and (using TS's idea of helmet cams) directs his/her team to the objective. This mode of play would be enhanced with the controller being able to tap into map survellience cams.
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    By this I mean keep the classic modes like what RVS is having and add new ones if you guys wanted.

    I really ask the devs to really work the netcode out please please abd please never have a respawn option!

    Billion thanks!
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