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    I play 2v2 with a friend of mine.

    3 Mile Island: I start with transports and engineers, and go down to take the two command points to the south. My partner starts with engineers to take the north two spots, and a command vehicle. Lately, the enemy has been rushing the south across the bridge with Tanks, Transports, Riflemen, Command vehicle, and sometimes helicopters. To counter, I have had my partner send tanks down instead of starting with a command vehicle, but when this happens the other team recognizes it and doesn't come across the bridge... and this kind of throws us off for the rest of the map. What should we do here?

    Ronald Reagan:
    And then you may laugh at me but I am not claiming to be good... But lately we have had trouble defending Ronald Reagan. It seems like they are able to shell us with artillery, and we cannot get eyes on them. When we try and scout with choppers, they get hit either by transports, or their choppers. On that map we usually start out with 2 engineers, a transport, and artillery.

    Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it.
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    Sorry forgot to say we are JSF
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    I haven't played in a while, and i usually play 1v1, but I found That I deploy engineers to take & upgrade(force recon) Lima/Sierra. if they have time I have them plant a minefield just outside the gate and pull back to the barricades. I put a tank somewhere between the north gate and the center breach in the wall.(that way they can respond or retreat one way or the other depending on what's happening. I send a rifleman/transport to Wiskey/X-ray, As soon as I can I deploy 2 lvl-2 force-recons to either the center (yankee) or the south gate. I then get 2 arty's on the field, I set them so they both cover Yankee and each can cover a bridge. At this point it's just a matter of attrition, he deploys units, you counter.
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    Since you are next to lima and sierra you all deployments are fine.However, my change would be on one engineer unit and change it to the riflemen. First you need to send your riflemen, command vehicle, and transport to zulu or wiskey. If you want to send in a tank as well instead of deploying another engineer which would be just as good. I say go to yankee then come around behind the rush. Most the time unless you are dealing with good players they will only send a transport full of riflemen to zulu or whiskey then have riflemen going to bravo and delta with another deployment unknown or interchangeable. The sad thing is that people need to understand that command vehicles escpecially the JSF command vehicle is brutal and can knock out many units easily. If you have UAV attack and the attack upgrade on drones then you won't need to have tanks. Your command vehicle is good enough to take down anything they send. Trust me it might be awhile, but since you have a partner you and him/her can micromanage other things. It gets a lot more difficult in 1v1
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