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    Im trying to make a new map to make a mission pack for GRAW 2 but the editor keeps crashing if too many enemy of one type are added or if i try to check out the map by spawning a character. i am especially interested in the character spawn problem. how would that be resolved?
    Here is the text that is displayed after the crash:
    Crash in application version: 30899.3048

    data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: _unit_name in type <void>

    data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf(0 )
    data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf(0 )
    data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf(0 )

    Renderer: normal
    Physics : normal

    on a side not, how do i bundle the files?

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    Hi GG.

    Congratulations on giving mission making a go. It's a heap of fun (and frustration...) but mostly fun!

    The map edit crashes regularly for me...but I save often and am now used to it. I find it will always crash when placing snipers.

    What exactly are you doing when it crashes?
    How many enemy do you have on the map?

    Happy to take a look at the map if you like. Just zip the mission folder and up it to a web share...and let me know where it is.

    I use smestorage.com, it's free and quick to register.

    Also, have you seen the coop mission making wiki? http://graw2.pbwiki.com/
    You'll find a heap of information and 11 video tutorials on there...incl. how to bundle using a command script I wrote.

    Table of contents

    1. Overview of this wiki
    2. Preparation for making a GRAW2 coop mission (incl. unbundling)
    3. The basic sequence of making a coop mission from a new map
    4. Modifying an existing coop mission
    5. The AI Graph
    6. Humans
    7. Vehicles
    8. Machine Guns
    9. Adding Objectives
    10. Basic scripting of the mission xml
    11. Version control of missions
    12. Testing your coop mission
    13. Publishing your coop mission
    14. Definitions and Acronyms

    Look under section 13. Publishing your coop mission for the bundler info.

    Finally, you'll get most help at the forums at ghostrecon.net. There are a few new mission makers there now as a result of the wiki.

    Hope to see you there.

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    when it crashes all i am doing is placing the curser where i want a character to spawn, so i can try out 1st person mode and see the height stuff, and then hit L.
    Bang1 it crashes. no enemy on the map. i found out that too many enemy makes the thing crash.
    zip the file? how and with what? would that be the whole 50+ XML files? or something else?

    OK thanks, ill check out ghostrecon.net!
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    Interesting. Never seen that issue.

    Too many enemy will crash it, but you need to have a heck of a lot of them...eg, I have 200 mexicans (not 200 groups) on my mission and no issues there.

    1) What map are you using?
    2) To "zip" the file, use something like WinRAR trial version from here.. It compresses and bundles files into one single, small archive (called a .RAR if you use winRAR, a .zip if you use WinZip)
    2) zip/RAR up the whole mission folder , eg.

    You can remove the world_ xxx.xml files as these are "old" versions of the world.xml - it creates one every time you save. The current version (and the one used in the game/editor) is always "world.xml"

    It will likely compress to ~5MB, then upload it to a file share like smestorage.com or filefront and send me the link to I can download it. Note if you use smestorage, you'll need to "share" the file so I can see it...see here for instructions on hot to make it public.


    Also, have you checked out the wiki ...loads of good info. on there about coop mission making.
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    I'll be off the net for a few days...but check the wiki and post over at gr.net and will check back in a few days.

    All the best,
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    GG, back now...did you find the problem or upload it to somewhere for me to take a look?

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    some advice

    Hello all....i'm annibale19ita...maybe someone will remember me,i was a mapmaker and a player in the same time.
    When you handle the editor,just because it keeps to crash easily,you would have to avoid some operations that it really doesn't like......never change by AI graph
    directly to human,pass through static......it is not sayd that,it will crash but...it's a chance more.
    When you have to set an AI in sniper...do this.....set it in sniper kneeling,then save,once you have finished the AI map positions,you close
    the editor and you simply open the world .xml file that is the last save,then you scroll all the AI lines and you delete in every line "SniperKneeling" the word "Kneeling"
    then save the all World. xml.
    The same thing can be done for to add or remove things taken by other versions of the same terrain,without opening the editor.(adding or removing entire lines about units)
    Also if you would like to see the map...while working on it,in the editor like the finished one......do this :
    take the environments file you want to use and put it beside the folder WORLD.XML (of the EDITOR folder) and then into the that folder correct the line in the WORLD_INFO.xml
    file, environment path like this.......<environments path="/data/levels/custom_levels/environments.xml"/>
    Ok i hope to has been usefull to someone who still like this nice game and editor.
    If anyone need some help in more i will try to reply,if i know the problem.
    P.S. i suggest also to EVER save after any add in the human layer,for to don't lose anything.
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