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    i just bought this game at Best Buy Canada, no cd-key/product key code or whatever, i registered and clicked the link below to finish it and still no code nothing!!!! WTF???!!! basically after reading all these posts it looks like i literally got f@!k'd out of my money,,way to go Ubisoft! I'll never buy another one of your products and by the looks of it from all these posts, you guys'll go down in flames because you suck at customer support, the only thing your worried about is making money ripping people off! nice, real nice!
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    Hello Fittycent2010,

    We are sorry to hear about your problems.

    As this topic is actually about downloadable content keys, could you please be a little more specific about what key/code you are missing ?

    If you bought the game at Best Buy and there has been no CD-Key in your case, you should contact Best Buy.

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    damn i love the customer support, i waiting for 4 days about an answer to a issue with the shop page ...after i put my card number and confirm the payment always get this error...


    Your data was not saved. Please try again. We apologise for this inconvenience.

    Error Number: SYS_000006 "

    anyone knows anything about? i already send this to the "solution?(right..-.-") center?" and nothing..
    if im posting this in the wrong place sory

    i WANNA spend money with this..but it seems my money isnt good for ubisoft -.-"
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    I got this game from a store. I keep trying to put in my Install Keycode on the front of the manual, but it keeps telling me its incorrect!
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    Hello! those who bought trough steam right click the settler's 7 and then click: Viev the game CD key and it will show all your DLC key's too !
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    For those people experiencing a non active Redeem button with a message "This feature is not available at the moment". After purchasing DLC content and receiving code I twice logged in and saw that message in game, on the third attempt I just left it whilst absorbed on another computer and after maybe twenty minutes turned back to see the logged in sign and the button was now active - so it may be a good idea to leave for a while and wait for the additional automatic log in to activate. Incidentally DLC 1 and 2 giving 6 maps are on offer for £4.99 and are really worth having.
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    I have a question who has the access key because I can not start a game
    Thenk you in advance.
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    hello.just a question . where can I buy the dlc packs separately?I just want

    The Settlers 7: Downloadable Content Pack III.

    steam sells it seperately but the game is in my ubisoft account, so i cant buy it from steam. any other source.?
    i just wanna give you my money for your awesome game.
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    Does this link work for you?


    I think you want to buy: The Settlers 7 Paths to a Kingdom DLC 3 - Complete Pack ($14.99 Canadian)

    This includes:
    Scenario map 1 - The Awakening of the Etermal City
    Scenario map 2 - Perils of the Coast, and
    The min-campaign - Rise of the Rebellion. - each of which can be bought separately.
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    thanks man. you rock
    yes i want to buy pack 3 that includes single player campaigns(not multiplayer).Am I right?
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