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    Well i hope punkbuster will be integrated from the start
    not like it was with farcry! towards the end far cry died because of hackers and cheats,

    If what ive read so far comes to fruition, i think it will beat crysis hands down. i have crysis and altho its great to look at? in multiplayer ffa no buildings collapse trees dont fall no fuel cans or drums to fire at with sniper rifle(enemy in vicinity could be taken out)
    and to top the lot you are limited with small maps not a lot of places to go,

    where farcry 2 promises an open game travel miles and explore,
    i hate the you are leaving the area please return or be punished seems crytek took a leaf from battlefield
    looking forward to the release

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    I would believe pb would be implemented from the start, especially seeing as ubi have been taking a keen interest in pb behind closed doors.
    Every game has cheaters, thats a given, and no tool that is available today will stop even 1/2 of them. But pb has developed new methods of catching cheaters other than by pb kicks.
    Demos and pb screenshots are a vital tool in a server admins pocket and that is where the majority of pb catches will come from. As long as they are implemented, we have a way of catching hackers
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    You need to play Crysis in DX10 on a DX10 server for the additional physics (collapsing buildings, trees, etc) in MP.

    Due to server load, these features are disabled on a DX9 server (though they could be enabled with a config hack)...however it would likely kill a DX9 server in terms of resources.

    I'd like to think PB was on UBI's minds when they first thought of FC2, and not an after thought like in FC1 (ie: patched into the game).

    I'd like to see Ubi implement their own custom protections too like Crytek (Crysis uses both PB and an 'inhouse' protection system).

    PB is ok, but as mentioned its isnt the be-all-and-end-all, especially when there are numerous websites devoted to bypassing PB detection.
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    pb sucks and takes to long to update causes too many headaches. There has got to be a better way.
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    The only game I play that uses PB is Crysis, and I've noticed that I get kicked from servers a lot for no reason. I have heard that it sucks in other games too, but I don't have any other games that use PB, so if they do use it, let's hope they get it working.

    Also, FC2 will NEED some sort of file downloader for online play, which Crysis lacks.
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