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    I'm about 45% in but when I play the world "echoing caves" a pirates head suddenly appears, covering almost the entire screen. It also says that I need to insert CD but the CD is in the whole time!
    Even stranger is that everything is still on. I can jump and shoot and whatever, but I can't see anything besides the piratehead and the text below.
    Is it my crappy computer or is it a common malfunction that can be fixed?
    Help please.
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    It is common, and I believe UbiSoft released a patch for it.
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    so how do I do? How do I get a hold of this patch?
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    All UbiSoft patches for Rayman 2 are here.

    BTW, it says Top of the World instead of Echoing Caves, but it still works.
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    Thanx my friend!
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    Ok. I downloaded the patch. Now what? Should I reinstall the game or something? I just tried playing and the problem remain.
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    You have to run the file. If you did that, then I'm not sure what the problem is.
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    ''Rayman 2 says
    "Please insert CD" on the Top Of The World level - even when the CD is in the drive.

    This problem is solved by downloading the file below.
    Download ray2patcher.exe here. - ray2patcher.exe (36,5Kb)''

    That one its what you need.
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    Doesn't work.
    I can run the file and it says something like "patch successfull" but the bug is still there when I start the game. Is there something I´ve missed? This is getting ridiculous.
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    Me and my friend have the same issue! If you pay attention to the parts of the screen not covered by the pirate, you can see that the bridge in the right, where you are suppost to grab the barrel, is missing. The barrel keeps falling in the green water and re-spawning.
    I never take the CD off, and it keeps saying that everytime.
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