Okay I don't know if I already mentioned this or not, but there is one FPS that may be a great FPS this year, it may be one of my fav. too
Aliens: Colonial Marines

I am not that big of a fan of Aliens, I mean my knowledge to the film is almost non existent, I watched the 3 movies when I was a kind 6 years old or something, I loved them though they gave me nightmares LOL, I still remember the scene from the first movie where an alien busted out of the chest of someone, totally horrific

Now if you read this ((http://blog.us.playstation.com/2012/...possibilities/)) you will know why I am excited, if you are too busy to check the whole thing, then I will quote the part I like
PSB: Would you describe the FPS feel as grittier and more realistic, or focused on arcadier accessibility?RP: I would say that the player’s experience for Aliens: Colonial Marines will tend closer to the gritty realism side. I say that because sometimes the gameplay footage we use for marketing will tend to focus more on the action — which is definitely in there — but you can’t really feel difficulty and challenge as well when you’re trying to promote and market the game using promotional footage.
And if you want to see it in action ((http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBIpUEjFFHA)) you now understand his point of view regarding marketing, what remains to be seen is if it will really deliver a gritty realism experience or not

I think I will have to watch the 3 movies again before release haha