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    ive tried this mission so many times and i need help i do the whole mission fine untill i have to save the 2 bombers and kill the ace. i can never save the to bombers and never can get the ace either. any tips on how to kill him? what approach? order of planes to take down? and what plane to use? help would be realy appreciated.
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    What is the highest mark you have of each aircraft type?

    Once I know what planes you have available I could suggest a plane + some tactics to employ.

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    cool, ive unlocked every plane except the meteor and me 262 ace
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    Plane selection is important to complete on ace - I recommend you choose the P47D.
    This aircraft is a good choice for this mission because it’s has the deadly 50 cal's x 8 which are in my opinion the best for speed attack from height as they don’t overheat as well as that it has 8 x rockets will make the ground attack easy and attacking the ME-110s from above.

    Further the P47 AKA Jug is a good armoured plane which is also important as you will need as much armour at the end of the mission to face off with the Ace.

    After plane selection the next most important is to keep that Jug free of as many bullet wounds as possible. I suggest you need more than 1/2 of your armour left at the end of the mission, instead I recommend 3/4 if you are going to shoot down all attacking planes on the two bombers as well as take out the Ace.

    So I thought I would do a quick walk through which has the aim of plane preservation up to the Ace.

    First part is to defend bombers from the advancing squads in my opinion you need to keep bomber strength above 3/4. First thing to do as mission starts is get altitude so when the waves of fighters come in you can speed dive them. As they advance pick a squad to attack they are flying in a nice formation so by speed attacking from high above will give you plenty of time on the 50 cal’s to take out at least 3 planes. Then continue to climb, dive and speed attack this is effective two fold – first you take out planes easy and second by maintaining speed you are hard to hit therefore you keep plane preservation. The important thing is to try to make each pass count.

    Next flak window – you are probably wondering how to maintain plane preservation in the flak window – seems near impossible right? Well I tried a tactic and it keep the plane flak free (bit of a cheat). What I did was simply circle above the bombers which also puts in good position for next phase. I went full lock left using overrun on engine the whole time (on and off so not to overheat engine) and didn’t get hit once.

    Next fighters will come in to attack bombers again use speed attack constantly to take them out quickly – plane preservation is more important than bomber protection as you only need to keep a few flying. Next take out flak guns using rockets – don’t get distracted by incoming fighter squad first finish the flak gins quickly then fly behind a squad a try to take out two before they get to the bombers. Next speed attack tactics again to finish them off.

    Next is saving ground crew, again tactics remain the same plane preservation and speed attacks for the aircraft. Key is ground crew can take a lot of hits provided you keep the armoured cars and tanks off them using rockets and keep them moving not stationary, otherwise focus on taking out planes using speed attack and 50 cal’s and in addition rockets on ME 110. Order of attack should be ground attackers first, ME 110s second then other fighters. If you keep speed up and most importantly height it should be easy to keep the plane from much damage as most planes fly low and not many break off to attack you.

    Last part the Ace, wingman and other FW 190s attacking the bombers – you should hopefully have around 3/4 armour left. First get some altitude then attack the toward the Ace and wingman using speed attack – you want to if possible give the Ace a spray of 50 cals and rockets but importantly you need to take out at least one wingman in the first pass (or two which is hard but possible) next climb and attack squad of advancing FW 190s using speed attack you should aim to take out three on this pass.

    From here you should ignore the Ace for the moment as you need to protect the bombers as they are already weak. Use speed attacks on FW 190s and take out the second wingman as soon as possible – remembering to keep climbing as much as possible because the Ace likes to attack from above which will shred your plane in no time.

    Once all other FW 190s are finished take out the Ace using speed attack and rockets on close turns don’t go head to head as he will just shred what now will be a fairly damage plane.
    Good luck let me know how you go.

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    thanks alot i'll just go try it now, i tell you how i go and if i still have trouble.
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    Hey mate I just replayed the mission using the tactics I described above.

    As mentioned I used the P47D and had a bit over 3/4 armour left by the time the ace arrived.

    I changed my tactics slightly here to what I said above and I completed the mission with all objectives including bonus easily.

    What I did was instead of going for wingman I ignored them flew high and over toward the advancing FW190 I then speed attacked a squad and took three out on dive and shot up one, then turned then took out the one on fire.

    I then used tactics of climb and speed attack on the other FW190s until they were all gone (I was quick enough that most hadn't reached up to the bombers), ignoring the ace and wingman but did keep an eye on the ace and kept as much out of his line of fire as I could.

    Given that I took out the FW190s quick I noticed that the wingman hadn't started attacking the bombers yet, but I wasnt going to give them a chance so I speed attacked both of them leaving the ace.

    The ace is then easy as you can focus solely on him as he is not interested in taking out the bombers.

    Once I shot him up he lost his confidence and stopped trying to go head to head or dive attack, instead he simply just flew around and as I was sticking right on him with 50 cals and rockets when real close he had nothing.

    I then finished him with about three speed attacks and it was all done with bombers with hardly a scratch other than the ones they came in with.

    Try this method if you like it worked a treat.

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    havent been able to try it yet (TV is getting hogged by my brothers) do you use the "zone" at all??
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    oh yea and i might be getting XBOX LIVE soon
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    Hey mate im on PSN.

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    thanks alot! i just did it your tips realy helped all i have to do now is the black heart on ace.
    any tips?
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