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    The animation showcased in the Warfighter videos/clips is absolutely fantastic.

    I€m pretty blown away by it, honestly. I€m still not sure how it€s all going to feel while playing, but I€m serious, that€s some of the best real-time work I€ve seen in any of the next-gen games thus far. Great, great work everyone.


    There€re some things, some new animations and player abilities, I€m hoping to see present in Warfighter. These are things that were absent from or just plain annoying in GR2:

    - <span class="ev_code_red">Falling into the prone position</span>. There€s a specific technique that soldiers are taught to use when attempting to go prone while running. It requires using the butt of your rifle to help break your fall and absorb the impact when hitting the dirt. There€ve been a few times I€ve caught some bullets while trying to get down and wished there was a quicker option available. Plus, it looks cool.

    - <span class="ev_code_red">Jumping down off stuff</span>. Oh man was Bunkers an annoying map in this regard. I€m getting torn up by a SAW from across the map, but I can€t jump down into the trench right beside me. No, I have to, without being killed, run all the way back up the trench to find an area flat enough for me to enter. Guess what usually doesn€t happen.

    - <span class="ev_code_red">Changing stance while leaning</span>. Self explanatory. In GR2, you had to stop leaning, stand up from your crouched position and then lean out again. This was a pain in the ***, especially while in FPV.

    - <span class="ev_code_red">Throwing Grenades around corners or from behind cover</span>. Throwing frags in GR2 is just a mess. These are some suggestions you could think about, if you€re considering reworking that broken part of your game. Sorry, but€¦ it€s definitely broken.

    I have more lol, but I€ll give others a turn. Just remember to leave some sort of compliment before you ask or complain about something! That€s my friendly request for this thread. Example below.

    username: <span class="ev_code_red">compliment</span> and then <span class="ev_code_blue">complaint or suggestion</span>.
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    Much of GR2 was an improvement over OGR, such as:

    Improved graphics

    Better lateral motion

    Sounds coming from the environment

    Awesome lighting

    Details such as bugs flying around lights at night

    Ability to roll

    more destructible environment (although often scripted items, but still cool)

    Run speeds that are slower going uphill

    However, on the downside:

    Poor AI that are clearly just as dumb as OGR AI

    AI that spawn right infront of your eyes I often use a sniper, and I just saw too many of them spawn. This almost ruined the game for me

    Vehicles that spawn right before your eyes. It was bad enough watching soldiers spawn, but when I saw vehicles spawn, that really did not sit well with me. Watching a tank spawn was the worst

    AI that shoot from the hip while running

    AI that can spot you from a mile away at night in the rain, oh, I forgot that Kim Jong Il had all of his soldiers receive eye implants that give the soldiers 20/10, 15X, NV optic quality sight.

    In OGR I always ran Alpha with all silenced weapons, then Bravo would come in and clean up the remaining mess, plant demos, etc... In OGR (for me) it was all about stealth like, guess what? A real spec ops mission! What a novel idea. Where did all of the silenced weapons go?

    Buildings that you cannot enter

    No blood

    Ragdoll physics that are over done. I did not like watching NKs that would roll down a hill for five minutes

    Hit detection that is worse than OGR, IMHO not as bad as some others are saying it was, but still not as good as OGR

    Less weapon selection

    One team of 4, a downgrade from OGR. If anything they should have upgraded to two teams of 4, not reduce the numbers

    Friendly AI that still will not hold when told to

    Friendly AI that you cannot direct, but instead follow you everywhere like Mary's little lamb

    Friendly AI that are only cannon fodder for the stupid NKs. In OGR your AI was almost too prone to shoot, and would often take a shot before you

    Way too much chatter over the comm. I prefer the relative silence that OGR had, I don't need a cheering section following me around. We may as well hold the battle in a stadium the way GR2 was set up

    GR2 was a game that had a lot of potential, but failed to deliver in some key areas. Hopefully GR3 will solve the issues that GR2 never properly addressed.
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    Crosshairs, when I shoot my crosshairs are really big but it turns out I'm shooting more accuratly than I would've thought.
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    Originally posted by jchung:
    Much of GR2 was an improvement over OGR, such as:

    Improved graphics

    Better lateral motion

    Sounds coming from the environment

    Awesome lighting

    <span class="ev_code_red">Details such as bugs flying around lights at night</span>

    Ability to roll

    more destructible environment (although often scripted items, but still cool)

    Run speeds that are slower going uphill
    (emphasis mine)

    Not to derail my own thread, but I loved that stuff!

    <span class="ev_code_red">Ambient Effects</span> really brought some of the GR2 levels to life. I hope they concentrate on this w/ any future games. Things like€¦ bugs buzzing around light fixtures at night and the grass swaying in the wind, thunder and lightning flashing at night€¦ those effects were awesome. It also helped gameplay.

    When you€re playing a shooter, you€re always scanning the horizon trying to pick up the movement of an enemy player. Sometimes, it€s almost unnatural how much they can pop off the screen when moving around, even from a great distance. I think it has a lot to do w/ how static the background and environment are. GR2 was pretty good about having other things going on in the level, so a player moving (even moving slowly) wasn€t as obvious as in other games.

    I€d love to see more of that type of thing.

    It€d be great if, in whatever direction you were looking, there€d be something moving or swaying, something happening in the environment to help distract your eye. Im kinda getting that feeling from the Warfighter vids now. Kind of.
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