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    yawwwn...where have i been.../wakes up after a 5 year wow-sleep .... Tenton back and reporting ... is that a great hair sticking out my nose? what the f...!
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    i obviously meant to write " a grey hair "
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    I've been playing HoMM since 1995. Never been active in the forums though (although I read them frequently, I kept silent).

    This time round I feel I can't stay out of this. So prepare to put up with me a lot more guys
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    I was part of the old 3DO group.......Ramnor
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    i saw a 1958 gamer,hey 1961 right behind you...look
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    here aswell an oldlie. i remember the demo of heroes 1 where stopped on 100th turn... was about to explode!
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    Do I count as an oldster?

    Hanni from the past.
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    My first experience was HoMM (no numbers in those times )... it was emmm... guess some 1993-1994...
    had no internet even
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    Does the name "Furch" still mean anything to anyone?

    No? Didn't think so. That all happened in another life.
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    Wow it has been ages since i came to the forums. The reason for comming back to the forums is because of Might & Magic Heroes Online. It somehow made me go to the forums (been reading some topics since yesterday) and started playing HVI again. Especially since a patch is comming that should fix the town screen freeze, and the expansion that is comming.
    I've been active at the forums back when H5 was beeing made Dont know if i am going to be active at the forums again.
    Anyway hello all.
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