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    can someone plaese help me??? i have the version 1.02 of lomac... what version do i download next??? 1.1???
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    OK, you are lucky I spotted your post as you seem to have posted it in a sticky regarding X45 joysticks.

    Since Lockon is several years old now and this Forum is not so busy, you might be better posting in the General Forum which is a little busier.

    UBI stopped supporting Lockon at patch v1.02, the developers of the Sim (Eagle Dynamics in Moscow) continued on their own and made a payware add-on called Flaming Cliffs released 2 years ago. You can buy it as a download,


    or perhaps better, buy it on a CD,


    In addition, a company called Evolved Games released Lockon GOLD which contains 2 CD's - the 1st is the regular Lockon CD, the 2nd is Flaming Cliffs CD. You might find these on the shelves of your local store or on E-Bay, Amazon etc and buying GOLD (even though you already have the regular Lockon) may be cheaper. I've seen used copies of GOLD on Amazon for USD 9.99
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    THank you so much for the help!!! i will probably get gold then i saw it on ebay for pretty cheap.
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    Hey, sorry for posting this in this topic, but it applies to a joystick, so I figured what the hey.

    I just bought LOMAC last night along with an X52 joystick, and have installed the game, loaded up the profile (from Saitek, gonna wait before I get into more customization) and gone ingame to test, but after failing miserably at trying (throttle isn't the throttle ingame, etc), I've come to this thread looking for help.

    Now, I know I have to clear some keys, but before I go and clear everything, I was wondering if the pictures in this thread are necessary and if anyone has any pictures that could help me?
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    Yeah, I saw that after I posted this. It's very helpful, thanks.

    Oh, and I realize you don't live too far from me. I'm in Manassas.
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    Hi There,

    I realize that this is a few years later on, but does anyone still have the Precog X45 LOMAC files? The links at the top of this thread don't work any longer, and I'm at a loss to find them elsewhere.

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    Is anybody out there still playing this game and using an x45? I'm trying to set it up using the instructions on the first page of this thread, but when it says "set your setting like the photo below" the photo is actually not hosted any longer so there's nothing to see.

    If anyone has these photos, or knows roughly what sort of settings to do to get the x45 working properly with LOMAC please let me know. Thanks!
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    Try Konny's page, I think he has some X45 info at the bottom of his set up page, link above.
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