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    Just how do you control them, when making a movie?

    I can make a movie and view it with my machine, but when I take the mpeg to work, Windows media player wants a new codec. Since I'm not administrator I can't just download a codec pack and install it. So I need to make Studio 8 render it in a stock or default codec, I guess. ????

    I use Studio 8 for rendering my movies.

    Any ideas?
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    thats a bummer toad.

    Can you find out what codecs are installed on your work pc's?

    I am guessing that all wmv files will work.

    I don't know if studio 8 can encode in wmv format. Maybe you will have to do a huffyuv export from studio 8 then import this into windows movie maker then save it with one of the appropriate wmv settings?
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    Sounds like its looking for MPEG 2 Decoder if its an Mpeg and windows is struggling.

    There isn't one install by default with XP. They do tend to come with DVD player software such as PowerDVD and WinDVD.

    There is a small mpeg2dec you could use but its buggy and should always be uninstalled after use as it does nasty things to MPEG1 stream and audio. You should be able to find it at elecard.om
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    1.Convert the file to other formats like WMV
    2. Install the codec pack that it lacks
    3. Try other player, such as VLC
    You can also find more information there: http://www.videoconverterfactory.com...aying-dvd.html
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