View Poll Results: Okay I don't know if Ubi has polled this on their main page so I figured I'd ask the question alrea

55. You may not vote on this poll
  • Hit WW2 again with the BoB engine (like FB).

    22 40.00%
  • World War 1

    21 38.18%
  • Korean War

    10 18.18%
  • Vietnam

    0 0%
  • Other (name below)

    2 3.64%
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    Oleg already said what he'll be doing after BoB is released, its your first choice.
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    He he ...

    I got yer useful pole.

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    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Korean War</span>

    Using the BoB Engine... we all ready have most of the Aircraft now.
    The biggest would be the Map's.
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    WWII or nothing at all!
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    Nah, WW1 is for real pilots!

    "Tasty tuck, fluffy pillows and and a uniform so smart its got a Phd from Cambridge!"

    Ah, Flasheart
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    How about something for the Falklands...Sea Harriers, Mirages, Daggers, C-130's, Vulcans, Victor tankers for inflight refueling. Nothing has been done on that, I know it is a small conflict but it could be a good one!

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    Oleg said he'd be using the BoB engine to make games for WW2, but I really want to see another Korean war FS.
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