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    Have Made A New Clan [KoD] Kill or Die.

    all Ranks above ..Second Lieutenant..

    If You Are Interested Feel Free To Add My Gamertag:Bruza888
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    elite 2 looking for a clan.

    gamertag: tWe3kIn
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    rank: elite 8

    class: sniper

    wepon: artic warfare

    gamertag: penguin748
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    I'm looking for a clan as you can see,
    I'm not 16+, is that cool. So shoot me up a message if you're interested.
    Guns: artic warfare and mk23
    style: sniper
    rank:just got elite
    Gt: Mr Macky119
    Games: Halo 3 r6v2
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    Currently looking for a clan. I am above the requirement, but i cant remember off hand what rank i am. Gamertag is superron21.
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    rank: ELITE

    class: SMG

    weapon: UMP 45

    gamertag: MOHAWK LAX KID
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