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    Very funny and clever too. I particularly liked part 2. I watched it several times.
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    Absolutely brilliant ! Nice !
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    thats the <span class="ev_code_RED">deleted</span> best thing i've seen.
    Stick it to 'em!
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    Someone save the damn game, we've been on patrol for 4 hours! 4 hours!
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    I Didnt know wath the DRM was!
    But now when i read the posts in the forum, I dont like it, my logbook is online with my carier?
    I have pre order the game and i go with that!
    Sorry for my poor Enhlish ,but it*s 40 years sins i was in school!

    But i understood everything you write

    Is in it a wonderful world!
    I have silent hunter 1, 2,3,4
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    awesome videos. DRM is a terrible idea
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    Originally Posted by longam
    I just downloaded the ROF demo and played it with DRM and it really wasn't that much different then without it.

    I don't know, I'm starting to think we don't want it because it has become the norm of the forum to see negative.

    I have to trust on a stable internet connection to a server somewhere in someplace everyday for our corp email and ISP to work. You have to trust on a server somewhere and someplace to get on the internet everyday. You have to trust on a server somewhere and someplace to be here and posting everyday.

    I'm changing my view and buying SH5 with or without DRM. I just hope that it makes a difference on piracy so we can have some great games to come in the future.


    I Agree With You I AM addicted just to the SILENT HUNTER Series and I Play anything else on my PC ,...... Therefore without a doubt I will BUY this SILENT HUNTER 5 game
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    lol, thats really good... they should synchronize it^^
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