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    I need some help with a few things. I have Shaun white for PC and just have two questions

    1-With focus, its tap 3(i think its A on Xbox) then hold the other butto1(Y on XBox) Is that rights, and where do i do it?

    2-The more important one: when i want to play multiplayer, it says to log in. So i used this username(Miguelito1234, the whole reason why i registered) and my password, and every time it says like "Invalid CD key for the internet" Can anyone help me with this? I wanna play the game with other people...

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    On xbox (and on the xbox controller on the PC), pressing X toggles the focus powers on and off. When you have them on, you use button A as you're about to run into a blocked entrance or something to break through it. You have to be riding toward it at a fairly decent speed--you can't just be standing by it. Toggling focus on will also automatically get the speed and height boost (when you get the additional focus powers). It drains down pretty quickly, so you want to toggle it back off, particularly when you have speed or height focus. I would assume that whatever X and A map to on the keyboard would be used if you don't have the xbox controller for your pc.

    Never got the "Invalid CD Key for the Internet" message. I was using a retail version and had done the online registration and it worked fine. I use the xbox controller for windows setup, but mostly play with the copy I have for my xbox.
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    ok thanks, so what your saying about the boosts for focus is that when i toggle it on...i have the boost or do i have to use focus?

    and i tried again and it said "Could Not connect to UBI servers:Invalid CD key"

    Don't quite know what that means...
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    right, when you toggle it on via the X button it activates all of the focus powers you've earned so far. The focus fuel gauge at the bottom left of the screen has a dark gray background when the focus powers are activated. The first power (after the first set of 12 coins are collected) gives you additional power when you break through barriers (which you do using A button), which you'll need to get to the second set of coins. The second one (after the second set of 12 coins) gives you additional speed which you'll need to earn the third set of coins. The third one gives you higher jumps, which you'll need to earn the fourth set of coins and get to Shaun's final hideout. Boost and focus are the same thing--you get the power/speed/height boost when you have the focus power activated.
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    Originally posted by bukowski113:
    If you're like me and you're spending more time underneath an avalanche and/or plummeting into an icy ravine than getting huge air and pulling big tricks then we're here to help.

    We here at Ubisoft feel your pain (in a symbolic way... we're not actually buried in snow or anything).

    Check out the Shaun White Help Section.

    Tips, tricks, strategies, video editor help, mountain maps, and delicious delicious pie*.

    *Pie offer void everywhere except at my house because seriously I scored a fantastic apple rhubarb pie this week.
    Did you say pie?
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    Hang on a minute how can you get pie under an avalanche, when your speciality is Beer Buko :-)?

    Nevermind was it apple or blueberry...?
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    someone please help... online isnt working, saying cannot connect to the ubisoft servers or some ********, i just wanna play this game online.. is that to much to ask?
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    i have that too
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    There seems to be an issue with the servers, other games are affected too. I'm trying to find out why.
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    It doesnt find any servers, i refresh, still not, im on xbox 360 btw
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