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    I bought Splitner Cell Conviction 6 day ago, i installed it yesterday and i start play it and it stopped me at the test: Establishing Network Conection, please wait - u can check it on screenshot -

    My internet connection is very good.
    Ubisoft pls help.
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    Almost everyone is having this problem. Just look at the forum.
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    This has been happening to me intermittently.

    I started the game, played for a few minutes then exited to change some driver settings, started up again and got the "Establishing Network Connection. Please Wait." message. I exited and tried a few more times with no change.

    I came back about an hour later and the game started up right away, I played for a few more minutes then exited to further tweak the drivers, started the game again and got the same message.

    I came back about 40 minutes after that and the game started right away, so then I did the same thing just as a test. Sure enough as soon as I exited and started the game up again I got the error message again.
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    dont worry m8, its not us, its them.

    what will frustrate you more is when you are just about to beat a part of the game you've been trying to for an hour and then the game thinks your connection is gone and well.... you'll see
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    Same problem here, i just can't play the game for it's stuck on the "Establishing Network Connection" thingy forever...
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    I too have this problem, preventing me from playing this game. Whats the deal I have this game just sitting on the side unable to play it.
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    Hey, we could take all of our SCC, burn them and make a BBQ !

    Hem... just have to figure out how to burn my digital copy...

    Still waiting to play...
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    Honestly I do not see why they could've failed in this. No server support neither, what's going on?
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    Maybe servers are down ?

    An official word on this would be appreciated.
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    I was doing testing and the problem is the server "", when blocking this connection the game works 100%
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