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    I've been going through the forums in trying to increase the tree and bush/srubs view distance.

    Below you can see two images from the same spot from my game. The 2nd one is with the "right-click" zoom view. You can see the extra trees and vegetation.

    How do I "fill-up" the environment. I'm not concerned about "grass". I just want to have the same level of vegetation visibility shown in the 2nd picture (without having to zoom in obviously). I dont care if the furthest vegetation is sprites or polys... I just want it to show up.

    Standard view (notice island just left of cliff)

    Zoomed in (notice same island now with more vegatation objects)

    Also, this is an example I found on this forum. Its pretty much what I want regarding view distance. Does it also appear to have a better texture LOD? Can that be done?

    I've tried playing around with e_vegetation_sprites_distance_ratio. All thats archived is that now I dont have ugly sprites showing up close. (which was a good thing)

    Also tried e_vegetation_sprites_min_distance but not too sure what it does. I'm guessing they are inter-related.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm running Vista 64bit SP1
    Far Cry 1.0 patched with 64bit update and content pack.
    Intel Q9450
    4GB RAM

    Game appears stable.
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    [EDIT !! I just looked and the below setting is not in the player.cfg. Well, my \dumpcommandsvars.txt shows it currently set at 2. Hmmm. I guess you can enter this setting from the console but maybe it will not be saved? I will test.]

    I found this in the Far Cry Tweak Guide:

    \E_TERRAIN_LOD_RATIO [0-5] - Determines the rate at which distant terrain features are removed/displayed on screen. Default is 5, but setting to 0 will ensure the most detailed terrain. The lower the setting, the lower your FPS in outdoor areas but the more vegetation will be visible in the distance.

    I was getting really good FPS with the default highest settings... then used the 'configurator' as in the guide ... then edited some more settings ... Now on my Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS, i am getting 35 FPS ...
    LOL I changed some settings that have [0 to infinity] adjustments and, etc .. i have everything as high as i can get it.. LOL - i think it does not help the quality proportionate to the FPS!! I will revert to my old best settings later (gonna load again and see if it was just last time i checked the FPS - i have been fooling with devmode too.)
    ===Well, I think this setting is really important for realism, and maybe you can back the distant vegitation to sprites if it taxes your FPS. I am going to do a \dumpcommandsvars and see where my current values are set.
    = From the tweakguide:
    "If you want a full list of every console command and system variable used in Far Cry, type "\dumpcommandsvars" (without quotes) in the console. This will write a large text file called consolecommandsandvars.txt to your \UBISOFT\Crytek\Far Cry\ directory. Since the file is so long, to save you time and effort a list of the most useful working console commands is shown below with descriptions for each."
    Well I noticed the Tweakguide has better descriptions for the things it mentions, and i have been compiling a couple of documents- one with most commands and settings, grouped by category, and one 'short list' of the ones in the player.cfg in their order for side by side comparison.
    You can do a search of the consolecommandsandvars.txt to find the settings in question, along with the value at dump time - really useful
    -Phil C
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    I just reinstalled and got everything set (best quality with ingame settings, all my settings and saved games,etc, dumped a clean dumpcommandsvars.txt)
    Going to do it properly this time.
    Good luck! Post your results here if you get the chance
    I checked in training level and get the same as you do - my view dist is the same, and from another post it looks like entity max view distance is set in each map:
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    Hey plc222,

    Thanks for the help. I'll try out the tweaks this week when I get a chance. Yeah optimally, I'd like to get it to display similar to the 3rd screenshot I posted.

    Although it doesnt have to be AS detailed as that example. I've already worked out how to control the sprite/polygon distance switch but thats only for the vegetation thats displayed. So obviously all thats left is to increase the view distance for the vegetation.

    I just hope whoever achieved the LOD in the 3rd screenshot didnt have to modify each level via the sandbox editor.

    Funny thing is a was hoping to avoid all this since I'm running the 64bit patch which was supposed to inscrease the draw distance. (althought it does run in 64bit I think its not fully working since I have an Intel cpu instead of AMD.) The log does say 3DNow!: not present which is an AMD specific feature.
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    why mess about with the settings ? , play the game as it was meant to be played.

    Or buy bigger specs..hahahahahahaha
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    Yeah - i turned down a couple of settings for performance in firefights, and the "appearing vegitation" doesn't bother me too much - i DO notice it all over now.
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    Anyone ever get anything like the 3rd screen shot?

    Running 3-way SLI GTX280's and have everything maxed out as appropriate in the advanced config tool, but I still can't get things to fill in at distance.

    2560x1600 and I have vertical sync on to keep it capped at 60FPS to prevent tearing. I have a feeling there's still plenty of performance overhead to use in filling in the bushes and trees at a distance.


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    wow - you should have the power-
    I wish i knew what would help, but i never did try much after my last post- finished the game and replayed some but never messed with those settings more.
    Hope someone else posts for you- i am still monitoring this thread
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    Hey, thanks for the reply.

    I don't know that I'm going to play much, maybe try some co-op. I figured I'd might as well go for the gusto config-wise with this machine. Sure looks nice already, but it's funny how it looks so simple now, yet it seemed amazing when it first came out.

    We'll see if we get any more info!

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    Originally posted by Doc.Caliban:
    8< -- it's funny how it looks so simple now, yet it seemed amazing when it first came out.
    You have been playing another game

    Yeah - i noticed that too, going back to replay, it is simpler than Crysis or Far Cry 2, not as realistic in some ways, but very pretty ... and i really miss the radar. I got so used to it!
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