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    Hello everyone,

    Let me start off by saying if anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated. I just bought this game only to find out I cant install it onto my windows 7 operating system. Is there anything I can do to install this to windows 7 so I can play it. ( I downloaded it from EB games.com so its just a file that needs to be installed so the secrom thing doesnt work.) I searched the internet and these forums and have not found a solution yet. Some one please help me out as this game looks amazing. Ive been looking for a realistic sim like this.

    thanks for help in advance
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    Welcome here!

    There's a sticky thread at the top of this forum: how to get il21946 to work with win7 FIX
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    I know that but as I stated above the secuROM does not work because I bought Il 2 from the internet and downloaded from there. I get past the part where I download it onto my computer but after when I try to Install these files to acutally play the game it sais OS not supported which mean operating system not supported. How do I get this to work.

    other possibility I could be doing the secuROM thing wrong. Whenever I run a scan or whatever it doesnt pick up on the Il 2 Files that I have downloaded on my computer.
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    Im using a Macbook Pro but I partioned my hardrive so oneside is windows 7. I got the game to install onto my desktop by making a seperate folder in the C drive for it but now the game wont even start. So I made some progress can some one fill me on on the next steps? ( Im trying to play Il 2 Sturmovik forgotten battles.) Please help as im dying to play this game =D
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    Im in the middle of downloadng patches to il 2 folder so hopefully this works.
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    Unfortunatley the downloads did not work.
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    Sorry, I did not read your initial request correctly...

    Can you tell us what version of the game you bought?

    Is it the original IL2 Sturmovik, Forgotten Battles or IL2 1946?
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    Yes, I bought Forgotten battles and 1946.
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    Run il2setup.exe and set some things in there and see if it will start after that. Does it give you any error messages when it doesn't start? Does it do anything?
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    I downloaded it from EB games, from there I had to make a folder on my C: drive named Il 2 Sturmovik/forgotten battles seperate from the default one it tries to install in. Then I downloaded the files into the folder I created open up the installer, it installs but when I go to run it theres just a box that opens up asking if I want to run this program, I say yes. The box closes and thats it I never see anything for d 2 I cant get past the box that asks me to run the program. I tried running it in compatibility mode but still the same result I tired opening it up from the launcher itself instead of a shortcut. Still the same result. This is all for forgotten battles Im still waiting for 1946. (Note my computer does not freeze it just does not do anything) The secuROM does not pick up the program either.
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