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    What I want to know is why after redeeming an Xbox code I received from two days ago, the Map: COOP Hunter Map Third Echelon option is unselectable with the words Coming Soon, where Unlocked is on every other piece of content. Did I just redeem a code to wait until UBI releases the next one? Has anybody else had this issue?
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    Hello everyone i do have a code for the xbox 360 3rd Echelon Map from Gamespot. I did registered with them and they sent me a code for it. So if anyone wants it just PM me and i'll sent you the code. "First one to PM me, first come first serve" as much as i would like to use it, if someone Missed Out or restricted for whatever reason. I don't mind giving it up.(remember, i have ONLY 1 code available) Good Luck!

    It's in my email, i never got to use ever.
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    Hi, i definetly missed this content. anybody got a spare code for pc?
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    i don't have that game anymore and i have only xbox one.
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