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    At the request of a few individuals on the forum, I've started setting up a S7 Wiki for everyone's viewing, and reading, pleasures.

    The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom Wiki

    I hope you all enjoy it, and as it is the first wiki I've ever put together, there may be some mistakes and problems.

    Alright, so I've spent several hours playing the newly released DEMO, and I have to say, I LOVE THIS GAME! Its just that awesome. lol.

    But as promised, I've comprised a (very) basic beginners guide. It is by no means complete, and things may change between now and the time that the retail game is released next Tuesday. Unlikely, but one can never know.

    This guide is a runthrough of all the structures and some of the other features, like the technology tree (which I haven't gotten all copied down yet, so please, bare with me). Military on the other hand is also something I'm lagging in, sense I'm more of a economy guy. lol.

    So, lets start with the basics, shall we?

    Unlike the previous games (in my experience), the economy of S7 is alot more complex. It can take two or three different types of buildings (not including the multitude of workshops) to come out with a finished product. Its awesome, really. For most, their biggest question would be how to set up the basic economy to get the ball rolling. Its fairly straight forward.

    All buildings in S7 can have up to three seperate slots, given the free ground around the structure. These slots are for the workshops. (Yes, I know they aren't called that in-game.)

    First things first, build a Lodge near some stand of trees or by a river/lake/body of water. The logde provides the basics on just about everything. Its probably the single most important building IN THE GAME.

    Costs: 3 Planks
    Output: 1 Settler
    <LI>Fisher - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Output: 1 Fish. Note: Most be near the water and a fish deposite.
    <LI>Hunter - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Output: 1 Meat. Note: Most be near a forest and a game deposite.
    <LI>Woodcutter - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Output: 1 Wood. Note: Gotta be near trees.
    <LI>Sawmill - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Wood. Output: 1 Plank.
    <LI>Forester - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Note: This building doesn't require anything but space and time. This dude plants new trees which take a bit of time to mature, and then can be cut down all over again.[/list]

    Alright then. With wood, planks, fish/meat going on, its time to go up the chain just a bit. Note: Fish doesn't have to be processed, and it counts as basic food. More on that later.

    The next set is mining, a big deal in the previous Settlers games, but here its a bit different. No more building a bunch of different mines to get what you need! (Yay!) The Mountain Shelter does all of that for us.

    Mountain Shelter
    Costs: 2 Planks, 1 Stone.
    Output: 1 Settler.
    <LI>Coal Miner - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Output: 1 Coal.
    <LI>Iron Miner - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Output: 1 Iron Ore.
    <LI>Gold Miner - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Output: 1 Gold Ore.
    <LI>Iron Smelter - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Coal, 1 Iron Ore. Output: 1 Iron Bar. Note: From what I've seen, a single Smelter will work through only one of each a Coal Miner and a Iron Miner.
    <LI>Quarry - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Output: 1 Stone. Note: This resource is not infinite! Be careful! The Geologist Prestige reward can mine stone from regular mines, but only very slowly.
    <LI>Coking Plant - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 3 Wood. Output: 1 Coal. Note: Only use if you're running low of coal.[/list]

    Okay then. Got the basics down, but we're forgetting something important. Yep, I'm talking about agriculture. If you're like me, I had to take AG during highschool, and I don't have much of a green thumb.

    But the Farm building in S7 is abit different than the one down the street, and besides providing the basic resources for producing more food (bread - basic food, and meat - fancy food), it also produces wool for clothe and horses for the chalvery(sp?).

    Costs: 3 Planks.
    Output: 1 Settler.
    <LI>Grain Barn - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Output: 1 Grain.
    <LI>Piggery - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 2 Grain, 2 Water. Output: 1 Meat.
    <LI>Shepherd - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 2 Water. Output: 1 Wool.
    <LI>Stable - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 3 Grain, 2 Water. Output: 1 Horse.
    <LI>Windmill - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Grain. Output: 1 Flour. Note: Yes, odd, I know. A waste of space in my opinion, sense the windmill could have been added to the Residence or something.[/list]

    Alrighty. Those are the basics, outside of the Storehouse, which is rather straight forward. A quick note on the economy, you'll need to set up chains of Storehouses in order to make sure everything runs smoothly.

    Cost: 1 Plank, 2 Settler.
    Output: 1 Settler.
    Note: Each storehouse only starts with a single worker, but with each upgrade it gains an extra worker, and also allows it to hold more goods. At the third level, you can also set a single storehouse to import all of one or more types of items. Useful.

    The Well is another basic one, producing unlimited water for whichever industry needs it.

    Costs: 4 Stone.
    Output: 1 Water (Unlimited)
    Note: The only downside to this is the time it takes for that single unit of water to be produced.

    The Constructor should also be mentioned here, sense you'll need these guys to build your other buildings (and their workshops).

    Costs: 1 Plank, 1 Settler.
    Note: It only starts with a single constructor, but with each of the following two upgrades it gains an extra. Nifty, right?

    Now we're onto the more advanced stuff, including the Residence and Noble Residence, both of which are used to create mid-and-end products. These are also where you get your population caps from, sense all the other buildings only support 1 Settler at a time (while they can use up to 3 total).

    But you'll also need that extra population in order to recruit your merchants, military units, and monks for the research.

    Costs: 2 Plank, 1 Stone.
    Output: 4 Settlers.
    <LI>Paper Mill - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Wood, 2 Water. Output: 1 Paper.
    <LI>Weaving Mill - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Wool. Output: 1 Clothe.
    <LI>Brewery - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Grain, 1 Water. Output: 1 Beer.
    <LI>Bakery - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Flour. Output: 1 Bread. Note: Bread is the other type of basic food.
    <LI>Wheelwright - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Wood, 1 Iron Bar. Output: 1 Wheel. Note: I personally haven't used this one yet, but the in-game tooltip says that its supposed to help increase movement speed for goods. I don't know though.
    <LI>Tool Maker - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Wood, 1 Iron Bar. Output: 1 Tool. Note: Majorly IMPORTANT.
    <LI>Upgrades - This place can be upgraded twice, after you get the Prestige Reward for it. Each upgrade gives you +4 Settlers.[/list]

    One down, one to go.

    Noble Residence
    Cost: 3 Planks, 2 Settlers.
    Output: 5 Settlers.
    Note: This building requires food, period.
    <LI>Bookbinder - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Paper. Output: 1 Book.
    <LI>Mint - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Coal, 1 Gold Ore. Output: 1 Gold Coin. Note: Gold Coins are needed to upgrade buildings and create military units and monks.
    <LI>Blacksmith - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Wood, 1 Iron Bar. Output: 1 Weapon.
    <LI>Goldsmith - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Iron Bar, 1 Gold Bar. Output: 1 Ring.
    <LI>Tailor - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Clothe. Output: 1 Shirt.
    <LI>Butcher - Cost: 1 Settler, 1 Tool. Input: 1 Meat. Output: 1 Fancy Food. Note: This is the workshop required to produced Fancy Food from meat. So it is desperately needed!
    <LI>Upgrades - 2 times. Each upgrades gives it +5 Settlers.[/list]

    Okay, after having sat here the past two hours writing all of this out for everyone, there's only a little bit left to go. Mostly it includes the non-economic buildings, like the Castle, Stronghold, Church, and Export Office.

    Stronghold, Church, and Export Office
    Costs: Each of these costs 10 Planks, 10 Stone to build.
    Output: Each creates a different type of unit. The Stronghold creates military units, the Church creates monks needed for research, and the Export Office produces merchants needed to open trade routes.
    Input: Each different type of unit has a different cost and requirements. I haven't had the time to go about writing all of it out, so I'm not even going to bother trying to list it all here just yet.
    Upgrades: Each of these buildings can be upgraded twice, with the exception of the Church, which can become an Abby (and unlock a Victory Point) after the Prestige Reward has been acheived. Each upgrade allows the production of a higher-tier unit type.

    Castle and Camps
    Costs: Nothin'.
    Upgrades: Each can be upgraded twice, the first one producing defenses (walls, towers, ect.) of wood, and the second producing them out of stone.
    Note: The Castle is the starting place of all Armies, and where you can purchase new Generals.

    One last set to the buildings.

    Prestige Buildings
    Note: These are used solely to increase the amount of prestige you have. The smaller they are, the more they cost. The Stronghold, Church, and Export Office have their own type of Prestige Building inplace of a workshop, each one costing a certain amount of stone (or whatever) for single point.
    <LI>Small - Cost: 1 Iron Bar, 1 Gold Coin.
    <LI>Medium - Cost: 1 Stone, 1 Gold Coin.
    <LI>Large - Cost: 3 Stone.[/list]

    Okay, my fingers are cramping up now. I hope you've enjoyed this, cause I need a break. I'll start editing and adding onto it more later. Feel free to leave comments or questions, and I'll try to get back to you as fast as I can.

    - - - EDIT1 - - -
    So, I've been a bit lazy, and still haven't gotten everything jotted down. But there are people asking about some of the futures of the game, and I'm generous enough to provide the answers.

    Build Menu
    Okay, sense people have been asking, when you left-click on any part of the ground, it brings up the standard build menu, from which you can select any of the previously mentioned buildings, and it shows an overview of the workshops that each of those buildings can have. After you've made your selection, you can place it, but NOT the workshops.

    To do that, you have to place the building, and then click on any of the corrosponding green ARROW icons to chose which of the workshops you want for it. Nifty, if a little time consuming. Oh well.

    Resource Overview and Menu
    This is another stickler. By hovering your mouse cursor over this button at the bottom of the screen, you'll get a quick tool-tip showing you all of the avilable resources found in all of your storehouses. Nifty, and handy.

    But by clicking on the button, it brings up the overview menu, and from there you can select any of the resources, which pin-point the buildings that produce it on the map (with a white circle surrounding them); along with the vaible production levels and the buildings that consume them. Even more nifty, especially if you're a big builder or need to figure out what you need for Trading.

    Overview Screen
    Now this is a bit special, but pressing the ENTER key, or scrolling all the way out, you'll get a full look of the region, with all of the sectors and whatnot. On the right-hand side of the screen, you'll notice several options, which you can toggle to bring up various information like Military or Food, which each show different information.

    I find that the Food toggle is great when you're trying to figure out what place is eatting what and how much is being produced/consumed.

    For the others, just experiment abit, and you'll get the hang of it.

    This is another stickler, sense most people can't seem to figure out how to use it. Its quite simple, once you've used '1' Prestige point to unlock the Export Office. From that building, you can hire various types of Traders, which you can then send out into the wider world via the Trading Menu.

    But mind you to be VERY CAREFUL! YOu can only chose a single path for these guys, which then branch off more and more. Go with what you absolutely need first, and then expand from there. You can also gain bonus' and stuff off the Trading Menu once you've established that trading route.

    If case you can't see the entire map, just left-click and drag the screen side to side to show you the rest of it.

    Technology Menu
    This is rather simular to the Trading, except you need to build a Church instead of an export office, and start recruiting the various types of monks (preists: novice, brother, father).

    With these guys, you can send them out to research any of the three branches of technology. Its fairly straightforward, though I haven't gone through everything yet, so I'm not going to list the costs/requirements for every one of the options. There's no need, you all can see it for yourself.

    But okay then. I hope you enjoy this, and I'll continiously update this thread, so if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask, kay?

    - - - Edit2 - - -

    Alot of people have been complaining about some problems with the DEMO, from flickering trees to really bad fuzziness in the game. This is just going to give voice to them, and my own personal experiences with the issues.

    Almost everybody playing the S7 demo has complained about a type of fuzziness that really messes with the crisp, cool graphics of the game. I myself have had this problem.

    For the most part, disabling either the standard Antialais or the Multisampling helps.

    But with the 1.01 patch, the problem has totally disapeared for myself. I hope it has done the same for everyone else.

    Flickering Trees
    This is an issue with all Multi-GPU users, either with Nvidia's SLI or ATI's Crossfire. I don't know the cause, but the game support for them has originally been turned off in the DEMO. Keeping it that way doesn't have any issues, though there are some who have complained of bad frame-rate droppage due to it.

    I myself do not know, sense I use only a single Nvidia 8800 GT OC, 512MB graphics card.

    Various Crashes, Game-Stops, and Other
    With the 1.01 patch, several players have said that the game doesn't start up even after thye've connected, while I know atleast one case of the game crashing when they start a new match.

    There still isn't any information out about these issues, and I haven't had a problem with it.

    But personally, with the 1.01 patch, there seems to be a bit of lag that wasn't there before. The animations stick and freeze for only a few frames before skipping forward again to catch up. Rather annoying, but its nothing I can't live with.

    EDIT: I've done some modifications to the options.ini file for the DEMO, and have figured out that you can play the game in a window (windowed mode) by setting the fullscreen option to '0'. You can also impliment custom screen sizes, though I haven't tested it out too much.

    Another thing that has come up is that if you turn off both Antialais and Multisampling to make the game graphics alot crisper, though not without it looking just a bit on the unpolished side. This corrosponds to the fuzziness nearly everyone is experience in their game, and is just a tip for those that have a problem with it.

    If there are any other issues, feel free to point them out to me and I'll look them up.

    - - - Edit3 - - -

    It seems, with the help of some cantid individuals, that I've made a mistake, and I'm man enough to admit that.

    The previous feature that I mentioned from the Economy Menu was wrong, as it doesn't show you the buildings that produce it. Instead, that feature is part of the Overview system, where you can select the Work Yard (I call them Workshops myself) option, to bring up a list of all of those you control. From there you can select any of the ones you are looking for, and it'll highlight all of the buildings of that type under your control.

    Sorry for the misinformation, and keep me posted if you have any ideas or if I've messed something else up. Thank you.

    - - - Edit4 - - -

    Here are some screen shots, and a little movie I have taken as a test from the Free version of FRAPs. I hope you all enjoy.

    Random Storehouse
    Staring Sector Overview
    Lodge with 2 Forester, 1 woodcutter
    Needing Settlers
    Army off to War
    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Oops! I wasn't done yet.

    Food Overview
    Match Won!
    Settlers List
    Awesome Landscape
    Awesome Landscape2

    Here's the video. Its almost 30 seconds long. I hope you enjoy.

    Test Video (Low Quality)
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    Nice. I had already figured out the most, but there was a few things I had missed

    Thanks for taking the time to make this.
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    lol. This guide is for those like me who are totally stumped without a traditional tutorial in the game. xD I've spent several hours doing the free-play deal in order to learn the ropes, but my first skirmish mission saw my butt getting knocked into the ground by the AI. >.<''
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    hehe.. close to the same story here :-p got beaten by the AI 4-1... my army arrived when there was 6 seconds left and by then it was too late :P

    Been messing around in freeplay since... but don't have the time to sit down and capture everything untill tomorrow. (it's past midnight here, and sadly I need to go to work tomorrow :P) hehe
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    Very dumb question. I can not figure out how to rotate the camera. I have tried every combination of CTRL, ALT, Shift keys with all buttons on my mouse, and nothing rotates. What am i doing wrong?
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    Hold down the middle-mouse button and move the mouse right/left to swivle the camera around.
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    Hold down middle mouse button
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    Thanks. That is what I thought. I'll have to figure out why it doesn't rotate for me.

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    Maybe a problem with your mouse, jcleaver. Make sure the connector is tight. Otherwise it may be a problem with the demo. If it keeps up, try to re-install it. Other than that, I have no idea.
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    I seem to remember the beta had the problem of the centre mouse button not working with certain brands of mouse due to how they mapped their buttons, if you have the software for your mouse installed go into it and make sure your centre button is not set to any special function. (should be button 3 or middle click)
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