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    That is what it was. My middle mouse button was mapped for something different. I remembered from the beta that I had to change it; but I did not remember what it was supposed to be. I had chosen default; but that was wrong, in my case. i set it to Middle, and now it works. Unfortunately, my previous mapping is very usefull for me. I wish the mouse software was smart enough to automatically change the setting depending on if Settlers was active or not.

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    Well, atleast you figured out what was wrong. Too bad you couldn't map it to the keyboard to rotate the camera in the game.
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    Initially, there are two "camera" things that bug me.

    One, I really wish there was an option to rotate around the mouse cursor and not the camera. Hate having to move the camera three times to see the other side of something.

    Second, I miss the ability to watch a given settler. Like watching the woodcutter make his rounds and gather wood. Could swear there was a button for this follow camera in the beta. What happened to it?
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    you can also use "delete" and "end" to rotate the camera if I remember correctly
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    There is a "Mentor" option in the game.
    It can be enabled in the profile screen by selecting "Yes, I want to share my wisdom with others...".
    It'd be nice if those of you who are already familiar with the game would activate it.
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    I honestly don't know, donarumo. I missed the beta registration by a day. But in any case, I'll try to figure it out, atleast for myself, if not for others. xD

    As for the Mentor system, BB, yesterday was the first time I've played the game, and while I may be astute, I don't know everything, and I haven't the foggiest idea if these systems will stay the same between the DEMO and the retail release.

    But otherwise I'm just as happy to answer questions here, so keep 'em comin' guys!
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    Great guide!
    I hope the manual will contain info on the farm/mill/bakery ratio for example.
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    Lol. From what I can tell in the game, its usually a 1-to-1 ratio. Like the pigs take 2 grain, so you'd need to Grain Barns to support a single Pig farm.

    But the real mystery comes when you start to upgrade the technology, and they get double fast and the like. I'm not quite sure how that all evens out though.
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    I hope no one minds me asking, but could someone bump this discussion or else sticky it, please? Alot of people have already made commentary on it, and I'd hate to see it disapear down the long lists of others simply because no one is talking in it.
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    Thanks for the sticky! I've also updated the guide (Scroll up to read the main post), though there are some other things I'll be adding to it in abit. I hope everyone finds it useful.

    Feel free to leave commentary or questions.
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