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    Will trying to play, i get the start screen that asks me for which account i want to use. I create a new account and go to customize my character. The character appears but is only a black figure with no details to it. So i decide to play it to see what happens. The intro movie plays but URU completely shuts down after the intro movie is done. Whats wrong and what should i do?
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    Welcome to the Forums!

    Sounds like you have a hardware and/or a software problem.

    Your video card/chipset may not be supported by Uru. For details on supported cards/chipsets, see Uru: Video Cards, Laptops, and Intel Extreme.

    Or, if your hardware is supported, you may not have the correct video driver installed. For details on that, see Uru: Installing Video Drivers With Win XP.
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    well i have the express chip and am trying to run off a laptop. does this mean that i cant play URU?
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    In general,
    -- When playing Uru, always log into Windows with full Administrator privileges and not into a Limited User or Power User account.
    -- Reboot immediately before playing Uru, close all open applications, and do NOT run any other applications before starting the game. Also close any anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-adware programs running in the background.
    -- Do NOT boot up with the Uru disc in the drive, or with any disc in the drive.
    -- When ready to play Uru, insert the into the drive, and allow it to spin up to speed. Cancel back to the Desktop if it autostarts.
    -- Always use the Desktop icon to start Uru, not a disc menu item.

    ...While CC and PotS do support Intel Extreme chipsets, they do NOT directly support 910GL and 915G/GV (or later) Express chipsets, aka "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900" or "Intel Express". So yes, that means you can't play Uru as your laptop currently stands.

    Some folks have had success with Uru and Intel Express chipsets after first installing the latest end-user runtime release of DirectX, available starting here, and then installing the latest video and sound drivers from their laptop manufacturer.
    -- a. If you haven't checked your laptop manufacturer's website for new video and sound drivers within the past week, do so now!
    -- b. Reboot > install DirectX > reboot > install video driver > reboot > install sound driver > reboot and start Uru.

    In all cases, after rebooting, log into Windows with full Administrator privileges (NOT into a Power User or Limited User account), and close all open applications before proceeding.
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