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  • Chicago Bears

    14 48.28%
  • Indianopolis Colts

    15 51.72%
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    Pick. Discuss.
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    Mets going to win the superbowl. Woot!
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    I really want the Colts to win. No one deserves it more than Manning and Dungy. I have a feeling that the defense of the Bears are going to make Manning look like a rookie. Just as the Bucs defense made Gannon did in Super Bowl 37.
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    Well seeing as the The Colts are my hometeams biggest rival....LETS GO BEARS!!!!
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    I want the Bears but I think the Colts will win.
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    I really hope the Bears win... it would make Zach smile. <~~ Like that... or <~~~ Only less creepy lol
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    Oh, is the Super Bowl soon?

    I wonder if they're going to be begging for extra hours at work that night like they did last year.
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    Go BEARS!

    I think it's interesting to note how most people are considering that Peyton Manning "deserves" it, but what about the 2006 Bears in general?

    Specifically, what about Rex Grossman? Does he deserve it "less"?

    In a team that had gone through several head coaches and starting quarterbacks, a reliable quarterback is a LUXURY. When Grossman was finally brought into the team, there was great hope and potential for the guy, especially since he was a runnerup for the Heisman trophy. But what happened? He gets injured. Twice. So much for wishful thinking, right?

    But the kid had the heart to be a success. He battled through all of that and still managed to earn the entire team's trust. You have to admire his desire, devotion, and dedication to win.

    And now, after a few good starts, he had been bombarded with media criticism... mostly for his inconsistency. "Good Rex, Bad Rex" is their constant mantra. And yet he was still motivated enough to work hard, play hard, and win. He is intelligent enough to realize that "playing to win" is sometimes not necessary... playing and minimizing mistakes can be just as effective... And look at where he and his team is, at the moment. Any other guy would've folded in his shoes.

    Honestly, I feel sorry for the guy. I believe he has an even bigger chip on his shoulders than Peyton Manning does. And I DO believe that even WHEN the Bears win the Superbowl, the people of Chicago STILL won't approve of Rex Grossman, and would rather have Griese starting next year.

    This is why I think the Bears will win. Grossman would be so fed up at this point (and I believe he uses this as motivation) that he is the hungrier competitor. The question is "Who wants it more", and I have to give the edge to Grossman. He will be very determined to win, come next Sunday.
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    Anyone who is against the Bears is a terrorist and the Bush administration has been alerted to your whereabouts.

    That being said...GO BEARS!!!
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    good point, Ukyo. I really don't have a dog in this race, but for the sake of picking, I say DA BEEARS!

    Just because Manning has come up short time after time, doesn't make him more deserving.
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