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    excellent, Chaation! its outstanding!

    A few questions:
    1.) Where are the UAR7 Bullpup Assault rifles? They are on the EFEC Kommando's info card on the web, and ive seen them on the campaign. Are they only for low-level troops?
    2.) Also, the same question about the "MP12" SMG. I've seen it in some promo shots, but never in the actual game.


    Colonel Liberater
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    Nice job Euros !

    Latest report from http://endwar.xenocidic.com -

    TURN 23: Victory bells sound in Europe as they secure the largest 1-day advance since the start of the war! Their win in Okefenokee cut off the JSF line of attack to Arrabida (the only territory the blues lost in), resulting in the territory to being returned to the EF all the same for a flawless turn. The wind has been taken out of the Russian sails as well, with them losing all their engagements incuding a punishing 3 to 1 defeat at the Reagan Seabase and a loss in 3MI which gave up the attacking territory of Springfield and returned Copenhagen to the European hands. The JSF is making a last ditch effort to reclaim some of their homeland with an attack on the Russians at Shenandoah Valley, while staging a lightning raid on Ft. Campbell. They are also attempting to take back the territories recently acquired by the EFEC at Okefenokee, Chattanooga, most notably the Maxwell Air Base which is crucial to the European campaign in the region. Meanwhile, the Spetsnaz are making an attempt to restore their line towards Washington, D.C. with an attack on the recently forfeited territory of Springfield held by the EF. The Europeans are seeking to extinguish the second-last remaining JSF territory of Pamlico and surround the American capital city. Once again, all battles are being fought in the U.S.

    EFEC: 27 (+5)
    RSGB: 10 (-2)
    JFC: 2 (-3)
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    Excellent work guys. EJRaven and Moxious's efforts are going a long way to securing victory on our western theatre.

    I have advocated against unit killing in the past save for some exceptions but i was crunching some numbers earlier today and something peculiar stood out regarding Russian forces. If the upgrade list i was using is correct it shows that the Russians have a total of 22 LVIII (hardened and above)upgrades and 23 Lv IV (1 star?and above)upgrades. Therefore, it would seem that in encounters where both forces are fully leveled up with upgrades and rank the russians would have the advantage. Conversely, when we are recruit through veteran the EFEC has a decisive advantage (50 upgrades to 41 by my calculations).

    in an effort to achieve victory over the russians it would be in our best interest to have their higher units eliminated so as to prevent them from using the higher unit upgrades.

    foxhound 5
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    hey im new to the online game,
    im still getting used to it in fact
    i generally play fps so...haha... its a lil different for me

    any pointers?

    -EFEC 6th Assault,
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    Originally posted by ProAsian:
    hey im new to the online game,
    im still getting used to it in fact
    i generally play fps so...haha... its a lil different for me

    any pointers?

    -EFEC 6th Assault,
    not to be mean but a tip is look online and check out the stats alot and since ur new only fight on levels where your faction is winning alot because having new ppl fight on the important frontlines is just bad for our faction hence why we lost so many frontline places that were of importance.
    -Another tip try not to do majority of one unit type try and balance it out.
    -learn to use supports wisely because too much use of them wastes CP's
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    Here's a SPRINGFIELD strat that Fenris posted. I haven't personally played it yet, but it appears to be a fairly generic strategy.

    Easy Russian tactic for you guys playing on Springfield. (1v1 games)

    Start out with CV and 2 Riflemen. Send 1 to Z
    and 1 to W. Deploy a 3rd riflemen off the bat and have him secure B.

    use your UAV from the CV to scout around while your CP is building (be fast cuz as you capture command points you'll get lots very quickly) and find out of either S or F is safe to deepstrike. Then deep strike and and secure it. (start upgrading Z B and W if you can. I prefer L3 Air Strikes). It won't take long to do another deep strike, and when you can either hit D or A. then whichever you didn't take (D or A) go and deepstrike that... and so on. Keep screwing with them and make them run circles.

    Tips: leave each rifleman at their respective uplinks (they are great defense and should already be in cover)
    if they are sending infantry to make a quick grab to secure an uplink, upgrade it to stop them (or change the upgrade if you already upgraded it)
    *be efficient! if you have 12 CP that means you're losing money (every second that passes with 12 CP, your not getting any more)
    *be efficient 2! if you have 8 or more CP and are about to finish securing an uplink, deploy somthing (another rifleman maybe?) or use a mission support. Because as soon as you finish securing it, you'll get 4 more CP and some of it will be wasted. - ok so that one was tied into the other one, but still something you should keep in mind.
    If you don't have your UAV ability on the CV, then don't even bring it out. Instead just start with 3 riflemen. The CV's only usefulness in this tactic is to scout out a safe spot and MAYBE use the UAV to kill artillery or tanks if they are left ungaurded for whatever reason. Your riflemen can kill everything else.
    Put riflemen in best possible spot: I've noticed that after securing and upgrading B (they do this at many of the uplinks, just using bravo as an example) the riflemen are covered at a corner facing my starting point. Well cool, they're already in cover, but lets put them forward shall we? Cover them on the side facing where they will come from. Same goes for Delta, Alpha, bla bla bla.
    *Evac whichever riflemen is at the uplink they crash. The uplink is gone... what is there for your guy to defend? Evac him alive and get a few free CP out of it.
    If you deepstrike to a place that they have infantry at... don't fret... just make sure they start securing it as fast as possible (they'll be in cover and if they are going to die, you might as well try to get the quick 4 CP from them before they do). NEVER run away from an uplink just because there is stuff there. if you do that you'll prolong the time your not in cover and you'll shorten the life or your riflemen.

    It's a cheap tactic, but heck, it works most of the time and if your already having a bunch of trouble at springfield, then give this a try. You'll be surprised.

    For those who don't know, this is the deepstrike process:
    First of all deepstrike costs 6CP by itself *this does NOT count the cost to deploy the rifleman* so make sure you have 10 CP (or have 6+ and are about to finish securing an uplink) or 8 CP if the match has entered defcon.
    Now the easiest way to do this is to deploy the rifleman and then use the voice command "Unit x move to Foxtrot" replace x with the rifleman currently on it's way to the battlefield.
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    well.. im pretty ticked right now.. we (PS3 EFEC ) actually won againts the Russians yesterday. Not only won, but won both are battles against them ( Ramstein Raid and Rosenburg conquest) infact, Ramstein, an important battle indeed was so close, we only won by 3 (that is if the XML feed is 100% accurate, i realize it may not be ) however because the way the game works, we won neither! because of the loss at the Reagen (wow.. surprising we lost there again huh -.-? ) we lost Glen Albyn, which makes us lose all the other battles launching from it because even though Paris is also right next to Ramstein and Rosenburg, our general likes to attack everything from one spot. now.. so i'm not just aimlessly ranting, I will actually post my views on how the game works in this way.

    1 - I do not think you should lose a territroy from failing an attack, i realize it simbalises a counter-attack from the enemy who won on there defending territory; but why then, do we not get a chance to defend ourselves as they defended themselves??

    2- I find it even more irritating with a situation like the Reagen, not because we always lsoe it, (I dont not think the map is unwinnible, I infact can win on it myself). It's that not only did they launch a counterattack that we arn't aloud to defend againts, in this case, they launched it instantly while having to cross the entire North Atlantic!!

    3- Even if it must work this way ( I can see how this may help to greatly speed up the war ) but how does a counter attack competely negate the victories we had from battles that happened BEFORE the counter attack itself happened? One would think a counter attack comes after a battle that we lost, there fore it comes after the other battles we fought at while we fought the one the counter attack was launched after ( I am sorry if that last part is hard to understand what I mean )

    ~ My thoughts
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    shadow, i've got an idea. if they want keep the counterattack, fine. but if we lose our attacking territory(glen albyn) but the territory we were attacking(rozenburg) is connected to another territory we own, (paris) we get to keep our win(rozenburg)
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    Originally posted by Pal87:
    shadow, i've got an idea. if they want keep the counterattack, fine. but if we lose our attacking territory(glen albyn) but the territory we were attacking(rozenburg) is connected to another territory we own, (paris) we get to keep our win(rozenburg)
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