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    In order to reduce the number of specific faction propaganda, I'm making 3 stickies for posting. Please use your own respective faction's stickies and not spam the others. Spamming may result in a suspension. Please provide which console you are on. Thanks!

    This Sticky is for the EFEC. Start posting!
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    Thank you!

    As you all know EFEC is close to winning the FirstWar, this is no coincidence and I guarantee you all that we have made this much progress due to several factors.


    Experience: playing on the EFEC side takes dedication, we are only 23% of the total number of players, should you apply to play for EFEC we recommend you practice with a high ranking player or read up on the strategies and tips on http://EndWarBoards.com or at the official Ubisoft Tips and Strategies.

    Awareness and Dedication: check out the Turn Report by Supad on EndWarBoards for a current situation report. Dedicate your time to playing on the levels you feel comfortable with. Leave front lines to more experience players and dedicate yourself to learning a good strategy one map at the time.
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    A message from Enforcer Corps commander Gen. Bankole:


    The war is going well for Europe and we have won many battles, but only one is decisive: the last. The Americans are willing to die in droves to defend their homelands, and who are we deny them that privilege? To quote Machiavelli, "never let the enemy make a small mistake." Now go, and show no pity.
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    Also, let's not start celebrating before war is over. Still lot of hard work ahead!!!
    But I do believe your(EJRaven) points/notes about where to fight is spot on, and how to go about it.
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    Fellow Commanders, its good to see we have our own area to post in now. I look forward to helping Europe finish off this war and bring home victory.
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    Very Good, comrades! This will do well to enhance our global strategum! On this thread, i also extend my invitation to join my Playgroup/Clan, the Europa Kombat United (Legion). the EKU(L) is an EFEC dedicated group, it combines my special forces team(s), the Liberaters United Elite Regiment, with a brand new, Legion-sized force. This invtation is extended to colonols of all types, not matter what Battlegroup nor racial background.

    For more information, PM me.

    Carry on!

    Colonel Liberater
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    Good Ole\' USA
    At the moment, I'm busy acting as a Fire brigade, moving from area to area that sees flagging EFEC strength to bolster our attacks. Remember, JSF and SGB are nothing without their Artillery!

    Discipline Always!
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    I must say we have US in our grasp, and we will have a chance at washington finally. Now the russians have taken 3 or 4 attempts at DC but now its our turn and I there better be no turning back. May we conquer DC on our first try and win this for the EFEC. We have tomorrow to change the war.
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    i feel almost disgraced that the PS3 EFEC has yet to win a battle vs Russia, and unless mistaken, was the first faction to only have 1 territory...
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    On the bright side we didn't played Paris yet.

    He he
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