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    Does anyone have a profile that has the game finished on PC, because I can't get past this movements level, and it makes me want to punch babies.
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    This level is a bit difficult. But I beat it and I can give you a few tips, if you want:

    Obviously grab the nearest settlement and the lava/fire ward. Then use the lava to build a large mound somewhere near the settlement and move your settlement (using space bar) to it.

    After that raise the other settlements using the lava before expanding too them.

    You need some water in the base when the lava starts coming from the sides so that it hardens the lava at the edges. This will eventually block where the lava is coming from.

    If the water gets a bit too high, use evaporate. BUT make sure you cancel it, by pressing the button again, so that some water stays there.

    Later in the game you can also pour infinite sand on top of your settlements to raise them further if the water gets too high.

    Hope this helps.
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    Additionally, if your settlements are catching fire before you can get the ward there you can try and prevent it by absorbing all the sand as soon as the settlement is made. This puts out any fires and stops the edges catching as well.
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    I haven't tried building a high mound near the first settlement, I will try.

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    I can confirm it can be done without moving any totems as that's how I beat it. A bit tricky but do-able.

    Enjoy raging!
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    I'm sure it can be done without moving the totems, however I thought I'd use all the tools at my disposal as a god of the elements .
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