Hi all hoping for some help please.
This is my first post and I know this has been covered many times in this forum but still after trying loads can't get sh5 to run.I bought sh5 dvd disc through Amazon and installation seemed to go well,updated to version 1.2 but halfway through the second game launcher patching it says "patching failed please re-install game" I have tried that several times all to no avail.
I don't get a shortcut on the desktop but have installed it and tried running from dvd sh5.exe also tried running in compatibility mode but when video plays the intro it's 1/4 size of the screen then when finished it takes me to an after game report without opening the game,I have trawled through these forums and tried various fixes including trying a diff monitor with no joy.
Please someone help me before I chuck this in the bin before I have even played a minute of this superb looking game.

edit: That's what forums are for ,good advice.I searched and searched and tried I thought everything but I just couldn't admit defeat and let it win,I went back to it numerous times and on one of those times had an insight.I right clicked/properties/compatibility mode/run win xp sp 3/with display scaling checked and viola the damn thing works,heh heh it lives.
I had read this in an answer in these very forums many hours previously but thought that right clicking and selecting run in compat mode was the way and never thought about clicking properties,so also written here "patience is the key" is very true just glad I didn't chuck it in the bin (close tho).Just got to figure out how to install these pesky mods,so it's possible you will here from me again,

AMD phenom IIx4 955be @3.2ghz|asus m4a88td-evo|Radeon HD5850 gfx|4GB RAM|internet connection,WIN 7 64bit