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    Anyone can add me too. Looking to workout with YSFE at least 3 times a week. tachydactl1
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    Feel free to add me. Lookin for workout friends to challenge in games and keep me motivated. I have Your Shape 2012, Kinect Sports 1 & 2, and Kinect Adventures. Love my Kinect.
    GT: DerkaDerkDerk
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    Hey everyone I have Kinect Sports 1 & 2, Kinect Adventures and Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012. Definitely looking for some friends to challenge me and keep me motivated. GamerTag: Divanique Qi
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    YouB4e's Avatar Junior Member
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    Jul 2012
    Hi people, I´m new to Your Shape and want to make some new friends! I´m using this fantastic program (game?) to lose wieght (with success), my first language is PT-BR but I can talk english a little. My tag is YouB4re
    Have nice day everyone!
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    complete newbie

    want to get a gaming set up with fitness potential.
    think I would like one with the dance setups - especially Zumba.
    Which should I try. Really need to lose weight and gain fitness.
    What do you think? Is it worth the investment. Are you getting results?
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    Add Me Also

    I have Your Shape 2012 and I usually play everyday. Please add me as a friend!
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    Just got the game a week ago and would love some friendly competition.

    GT: Aeon Ewithion

    Lets go burn some calories
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    RatmandoBand's Avatar Junior Member
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    Aug 2012
    A tardis, shh not saying when.
    You can find me under Ratmandoband (yep, I'm an entire band.)
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    CR1MSON PHOENIX's Avatar Junior Member
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    Oct 2011
    UK, Suffolk
    Add me to peeps if you like

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    Hey guys - to anyone who's goal is to lose lots of weight, 30-50lbs, please invite me. Heck, anyone invite me- I need to get myself in gear and some friendly challenges will sure do the trick!

    gamertag is Eltruism
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