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    So I have done almost every thing in the game. All but 2 secret locations. I am at 98.4% and I was wondering if anyone could tell me where the last two locations are (You dont have to be too specific, just the city would be fine, and if it needs to be downloaded). In the DNA menu the memories are between Auditore Crypt and Home Invasion. Also does anyone know what the deal is with the location in the south part of Florentine? It seems like I have never been there and yet it is still un-synced...
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    South Florence seems to be related to the corrupted sections of memory. Most seem to think they will be opened through DLC.
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    I think the 3 DLC maps are worth something in the Synchronisation, I have 99.2% because I don't have the european black edition map.
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    be happy your at 99.2% im stuck at 97.6% because only map i could download is the u-play map got 1000/1000 achievements too really wish could replay main missions without having to start new game, but thats what i am doing for now just started new game and just doing main missions nothing else
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    where do you go to see your sync %?
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    I'm at 99.2% and the synch tells me I am missing 1 Secret Location, I have the Master Assassin Edition and the U-Play Map, so I am assuming that the 3rd Black Edition as well as any downloadable/bonus maps are included in the synch percentage.
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    you can view your sync % in your villa, talk to Claudia and she will show you the book, with all of your stats.
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    no claudia tells you if your villa status is 100% or not your sync status is under the stats menu in options , just give us a date ubisoft on when rest of us get the exclusive maps?
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    In the database under "places" you can see secret places for each map. Usually the secret ones are in the tombs somewhere. Don't think, that you can reach 100% only with the collector's editions
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    no its true unless you have collecters edition with all 3 maps that unlocks those 3 spots under secret locations in your dna then you cant get 100% sync status for your stats
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