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    I just got back from Gamestop for the mid-night launch and i thought pre-order PoP from GS would give me a code for the arena. There wasn't any code to be found on the receipt anywhere or any card comes inside of the case with the code either. If any one know please reply, by tomorrow i'm probably will stop by there and ask them anyway. Thanks in advance.
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    Hi There,

    I would contact the store - since they should have gave it too you, if you pre-ordered it
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    My code was sitting right there in my e-mail @ midnight last night, which apparently is when they shipped all my TFS orders.
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    Thank you both for replying back. I did pre-ordered, got the phone call on Sunday. Picked up game @ mid-night. After work i headed over to Gamestop and yeah(yada yada yada) i got the code. It was smooth and pleasant visit. All good here, let's play!.
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