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    Hi all !

    Does anybody know that The King ( of Johan de Koning ) wasn't always the engine from behind of ChessMaster series ?

    The very firsts ChessMasters were powdered by versions of WChess engine of Dave Kittinger (which also powdered Majestic Chess, Aladdin Chess, Power Chess of Sierra, USCF Chess of Interplay...and of course the great DOS series WChess).

    I like a lot ChessMaster 3000! I recomend you War Room like environment.At his full force CM 3000 was rated around 1850 ELO FIDE (around 2000 USCF ELO). Very nice for training. Has also tutorials and test your play and........
    A superb GUI & engine! And....a nostalgic one !

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    I thought that everyone that Dave Kittenger did the engine for the first few versions of Chessmaster... TheKing didn't come along until Chessmaster 4000.

    I actually still have my old copy of Chessmaster 3000. Unfortunately, the when new versions came out, I gave away my copies of 4000, 5000, 5500, and 6000 to friends... I really regret that now.
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    I still have Chessmaster 4000 Turbo - my first. Unfortunatelly it became obsolete with Windows XP.
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    I remember purchasing Chessmaster 2000 on a 5 1/4 floppy back in the late eighties. Back then I was using an IBM Compatible 286 with DOS 3.1 with 640K ram. I think CM 2000 is abandonware now and you can run it in a DOS emulator such as "DOS box."
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