Ok, its mid-1940 Im playing RuB 1.43 and Im cruising along the east coast of the channel in my patrol area off the coast of...I forget. (Im not at my computer) It is the port farthest east of the UK before you get to the narrow part of the channel. It starts with an "L". At any rate, Im not very close to shore at all, maybe 50km or more. Im milling around in my patrol area to finish out my 24 hours so I can get my renown and move on. Next thing I know my watch officer yells out we are taking damage; my radio room and sonar room are destroyed and my sonar and radio operator are dead. I lose have of my diesel fuel and lose my forward batteries and other damage as well. Obviously it is a mine. I can tell it was a mine due to the location of the damage.
I thought maybe it was a fluke. So I did the patrol over and the same thing happened two more times. I know I know... fool me once shame on you. fool me twice shame on me.
Are mines really that far out? I was around the entrance of the port, but it was way out there.