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    I have the riven on the 10th anniversary edition and both myst and exile open just fine. but riven will not run. I've tried uninstall and reintsall twice, to no avail. I read the thread of "Riven Won't Start (tried everything)" and he talked about a update patch for win XP. Where do you get this patch and does it really work. I had the origional 5 disk years ago and it errored after disk 2 so i never got to play it. Any help whould be really great. thanks.
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    The Riven version 1.02 patch (riven_updater_v1.02.exe), is best downloaded from here. This patch fixes the following problems in Riven version 1.0:
    -- The wrong movie plays at the boiler and in the submarine.
    -- Some QuickTime movies play twice.
    -- The light near the water at the end of one of the tunnels does not turn on.
    -- The rotating domes will not operate properly.
    -- Clicking won't work while movies are playing in full-screen mode.

    Whether the patch will work for you depends on what your Riven problems are.

    Remove all CD's and DVD's from your drives, then apply the patch as follows:
    -- a. Reboot, and log into Windows with full Administrator privileges, NOT to a Limited User or Power User account. Close all open applications.
    -- b. Download riven_updater_v1.02.exe to a folder, not to the Desktop.
    -- c. Disable your anti-virus/adware/spyware/pop-up software running in the background.
    -- d. From the Desktop, click on Start > Run.
    -- e. Browse to riven_updater_v1.02.exe, and double-click on the file to put it in the Open: box.
    -- f. Click on OK to start the updater.
    -- g. Click on Yes to continue.
    -- h. InstallShield should open. Click on Yes to continue.
    -- i. On the Welcome page, click on Next.
    -- j. Browse to C:\Program Files\Ubi Soft\Riven, or to wherever you have Riven installed.
    -- k. Double-click on the primary folder (\Riven) to highlight it, and click on OK.
    -- l. Click on Next twice. You should see the patch files being installed.
    -- m. Click on OK on the Setup Complete! screen.
    -- n. You should now be back at the Desktop, with the patch successfully applied.
    -- o. Reboot. Do NOT boot up with the Riven DVD in the drive.
    -- p. Log into Windows with full Administrator privileges, close all open applications, and start Riven.

    Semper ubi sub ubi.
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    can there be a problem with the last bit of the game if you don't have the patch?
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