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Thread: yanks on xbox live blackarrow | Forums

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    I have nonthing wrong about most americans but 1 day an american boots me for being irish and some americans vocabulary is YEAH! and DUDE! and after a while they begin to piss you off.
    by(gamertag) The Randomer
    PS.No offence to my friends and the cool americans out there.
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    Too many of us Americans are being raised by our peers, loser entertainers, and movies rather than our parents. That's the core of the problem.
    End of speach.
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    Steel_Nuttz's Avatar Banned
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    I'm American, and I think it's cool to play with people from other countries. I hate when English people start making fun of the US though, and say that all we do is eat fast food.
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    Thats mean i only boot people if there being ***hole. I think UK folks are cool.
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    I honestly do not think that it matters where he is from. There are a**holes every where, no matter what your location/culture may be.
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    This thred is kind of ridiculous. Some American guy booted you. Big deal. I've been booted by Americans, and I am an American! Live games mirror life in general. Some things don't make sense, and some people are idiots. There are a lot of good players out there who won't discriminate, and who just want to have fun. Play with them. But please don't get hurt feelings, or label others just because of some random dudes.
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    I have heard many a british trash-talking in other games (ranging from "Go eat at Mcdonald's" to "I would go to America to kick your ***, but I would be blow away by all those Hurricanes".) Most GBr's in Black Arrow, however, are very serious and stragic, and often very good gentleman.
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    Hosts and players like that exist Live-wide. I've come across idiots playing online from many different countries and not just Americans. It's just the case that Americans comprise the bigest proportion of online players, so naturally the number of annoying Americans seems to outweigh everyone else, but it's not fair on the GOOD Americans to look down on them all.

    I have a lot of great Americans [on] my Friends list. Once you have a solid Friends list built-up, who needs to play with the idiots? Okay, there is the need to play Optimatch games if you can't have a good server of your own. If you come across a bad host and you just want a fun game, then just play along with the host. Take the insults and jibes with good humour and play along with the host. The only reason I ever get booted from games is if I consistant beat one of these irritating, bully-type hosts and they can't back-up their boasting in-game! It is annoying to be booted for being a good player who doesn't cheat, but very satisfying when you know you've been booted because you're simply better than the host

    For hosts that cheat a lot, it's a nice challenge to beat him or her by playing by the rules, and just re-inforces your superiority over him or her when you do win!

    All you have to do is take away any point of argument they have. Take away any feeling of smugness they might have and when they have to resort to insults, abuse and cheating, you know you've really hit them where it hurts - their pride.

    - giant_frying_pan
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