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    My friend needed to use norton ghost so I let him borrow my copy, but for some reason it won't work on his pc. Every time he starts ghost an error pops up saying "fatal error". Any thought on fixing it or an alternative that will do the same stuff as norton ghost?
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    Try Drive Image by PowerQuest.
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    Bet he's running WinXP SP2? If so, try turning off DEP:

    Right Click on "My Computer" Select "Properties".

    Click on the "Advanced" tab…

    Click on the Button under Performance for Settings.

    Choose the tab at the top called "Data Execution Prevention".

    Select "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.".

    Click OK and reboot.

    Uninstall Ghost, and reinstall again. Good Luck!
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    We'll give that a shot, thanks.
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    Try Drive Image by PowerQuest.
    <- symantec bought them

    Which version of ghost is it?
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    Ok, I tried that DEP and it didn't work, it's norton ghost 9.0 and it give the error "catastrophic failure", NOT an error you want to get I'm assuming, lol.
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    Hmm. Did you uninstall first?

    Maybe try Dantz Retrospect.
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    You might try BootIT. It's a boot manager, partition manager, and drive imaging tool that's a bitt geeky and non-intutitive sometimes . But it will pretty much always work.
    see :

    or at :

    or If you wanted to go a slightly less certain (but still usually OK) route, you could use an image-from-inside-Windows tool, like "Image For Windows" ( http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/imagew.html ) or one of the Acronis tools ( http://www.acronis.com/ ).
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