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    Hey guys


    It gets really good, half through the track. I think this track might beat the goodnes of SOT soundtrack for me.

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    has a very creepy sound to it but i still love it
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    Sweet, when I go to the site I only heaer the beggining. But thisis the full version. I think this might bea the goodness of SoT also thanks man
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    wow thanks a lot!!! I really liked it too hehe
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    I found two more soundtracks... Hopefully this will please both SOT and WW fans:



    Message to fellow mods: This was found on the official website... So I'm presuming its fine to post it... Like back when the WW samples were posted on the official WW site.
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    holy mother of god, this just sounds WICKED!!!! thanx a bunch zapages, this has to be the best find anyone has ever posted before.
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    Wow, the Two Thrones music is really coming along! And I really enjoyed the Warrior Within music clip you had too, the music from the Mask of the Wraith cinematic in the tomb! Thanks Zapages!
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    I'm not sure I like the T2T music much.
    It's effin everywhere. Is there a particular beat and feel in it...that is a good question indeed.
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    Man, this is sick . Especially the second part of the song. I love it .
    The first part is more Sot style and the second one reminds me more of WW .

    Thanx Zapages !

    * downloading the other 2 *

    EDIT:I wanted those songs for a long time. Thanx again .
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    hey!!! this is the track of the video:"i am the architect of my own destruction" i know it well !!!!
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