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    I'm posting this with apologies to all of the veterans who will know this already but I chanced upon mechan's guide about 10 days ago it's buried in the stickies here: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/foru...1097865&r=7161042965
    I was having a really frustrating time with torpedos. I was generally firing them so that they would hit the target's hull at a perpendiclar angle (i.e. 90 degrees) and they would bounce of as duds or dip underneath, success was minimal, even if the target was stationary or with the 'dud torpedos' box in the options unchecked. I can't find any posts by mechan since 2007 but he says:

    Golden rule for best usage of your torpedoes at sea:
    With mk14s, aim 1.3m ABOVE the keel depth of your target, shoot in calm sees and make sure your torpedo hits at an angle between 0? and 35?. If shooting mk14s that will impact at an angle >35?, try to use slow torpedo speed to halve your dud chances. Leave the detonator on impact+magnetic.
    Shooting in rough sees at long range is generally a waste of torpedos, as is shooting torpedoes that will impact at angles higher than 70?.

    Although this was apparently written for SH4 v1.2 and at first sight seemed counter-intuitive I thought I would give it a try and amazingly it worked, even with the dud torpedo option checked. With TDC set to manual, positioning the sub at 45 degree AOB (less a 10 degree lead angle as per the John P Cromwell attack rules)and using the default settings for torpedo depth, speed and contact+influence I am getting over a 90% success rate. As I said many of you will have found this already or have your own approach which you have found successful, but as a search on 'torpedos' on this forum does provide some conflicting advice, I thought I would pass this on for the benefit of newcomers like myself. My next step is to experiment with varying depth settings and to try out 'under the hull shots'
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    This is invaluable information. I can't count the number of duds I've had thinking to hit at or near 90* on bow. I assumed the US torpedoes worked similarly to German torps.
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