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    I need a mic for IL2 that i am getting this week and I want to know if you uys know of any good ones? they have to be at or under $50

    lol i forgot to say i am looking for a gaming headset
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    The creative fatality ones are great value and have good comfort and sound. Should be within your pricerange. I suggest you hop onto the ubi-zoo coops (check the sticky) for flying with some of us.
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    Get a USB mic if you want to use it for comms in this sim.
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    Originally posted by Bearcat99:
    Get a USB mic if you want to use it for comms in this sim.
    I'm using a cheap headset that plugs into my sound card. It works fine on TeamSpeak. What are the advantages of using USB?
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    I don't see what advantage there would be by using a USB headset if you have a decent sound card.

    I've been using the KOSS SB45 for a couple of years now, and have been VERY happy with them. nice BIG earcups that go around my ears, so they are comfy for hours of use. Pretty good for listening to music as well. Not up to 'audiophile snob' standards, but very good for the average person, with plenty of bass response. Also, you won't have to mortgage your first-born to buy them:

    Koss site:

    $28.98 @ Buy.com (free shipping)

    29.99 @ Newegg:

    And, my TrackIR Pro clip will fit on them, just barely, but it fits.
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    I'm having an intermittant problem with the 3.5mm microphone (motherboard) socket on the back of my pc and a USB headset sounds like an easy solution.

    I would be very interested to hear the pros and cons of USB.

    Don't get Saitek GH50 headset. Less than a year old and something has come loose inside so they rattle when I shake my head. The surround sound thingy never worked and the volume control crackles really badly when moved and has blank areas.

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    I bought a 2 euro headset at a local store about a year ago and it's still working properly. It has a nice long cord with volume control on it, and the sound quality is surprisingly good bang for the bucks. The microphone produces a very clear sound in recordings. The only thing I don't like about it is that your ears start to hurt when wearing it for more than an hour. A small price to pay though, for something this cheap and surprisingly good!
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    For flight simmers, the advantage of a USB headset is that you can use the headset for comms, but use the speakers for game sounds.
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    ok so what is a good USB gaming headset for under $50
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    I use Sennheiser headphones for sound and a cheap 5$ mic that I can clip onto whatever I'm wearing. Works like a charm. I find the sound is better with non-gaming headphones. My desktop speakers have jacks for both the headphones and the mic which is very convenient.
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