Hello Heroes,

We prepared for you a detailed guide about how to proceed in order to launch Might & Magic Heroes VI game (release on 13th of October).
Check it out and find answers on your questions!

1/ Can you describe the steps needed before playing the game?

- Install the game
- Activate your game online
OR if you have no internet connexion contact Ubisoft local support to get a workaround
- Select if you want to play offline or online
- Play J

2/ Is it possible to play offline and how does it work?

Yes it is possible to play offline. The offline mode is automatically unlocked after a first connection. This offline mode once unlocked on a PC does not require a connection or log in. The offline mode allows you to play the five campaigns and epilogues, hotseat and custom games. Also the offline, and online saves are structured differently due to slight differences in the campaign script related to the online bonuses collected during the campaign, so they are not compatible with each other at the moment.

3/ Do I need a Ubisoft account to play this game?

You need a Ubisoft account to activate your game during installation. You are not required to be online to play.

4/ If I don’t have an internet connection when I buy the game will I be able to play the game?

Without an internet connection on your desktop or laptop at the moment you buy the game it will be possible to contact Ubisoft local support (email, phone with local cost call) to get a workaround. However having an internet connection is still really important especially to update your game client with a day 1 patch.

5/ Can I install the game on any computer?

Yes it is possible to install the game on any windows computer. Once logged in with the same account, online saves will be optionally synched and after connecting to the Conflux your player profile data will be streamed from the server. This behavior can be experienced in the current Public Closed Beta.

6/ So what happens if I forgot to log out from my game session and I want to play on another machine?

In this case two concurrent sessions created on the same account would be identified by the server and the newest created session will be allowed to go on while the other will be automatically shut down with a message.

Hope it helps you!

the M&M's team and Ubi_Irina