1. #881

    Processing times are messed up

    On case 17-2 now, and several times evidence has finished processing long before it was supposed to. Again, not a big deal, and sometimes it's nice not to have to wait so long. But missing out on the one hour bonus is a shame.

    Is anyone else noticing this?
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  2. #882
    i want play crime city
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  3. #883

    Did a new version go up overnight?

    I can't tell if they fixed the processing time bugs because now it's just locking up all over the place. The "return to crime scene" ****on locks it up. Trying to visit another player's lab locks it up. Trying to navigate between two scenes locks it up. So much fail, so little time.

    By the way, is anyone still playing? If I'm the only one, then I guess there's no need to hurry fixing things.
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  4. #884
    Hi everyone. I just got a Motorola Xoom tablet and I haven't been able to get in to play. When I try I get kicked totally out of Facebook. I don't know if the tablet isn't compatible with the game but I'm having the same issue with other games in fb. I really enjoy this game too. Any ideas?
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  5. #885
    Hi, I hadn't noticed it before but today when I got on, I noticed that 3 of my ubicredits where gone for no apparent reason. I know that it's only 3 but considering how hard it is to get them, I would like them back. Please help fix this.
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  6. #886
    Ok, it happened to me again. WTF? Why am I loosing my ubicredits by doing absolutely nothing? Please fix this.
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  7. #887
    My game is stuck on set 17. It is 100%, but will not close case. Please help.
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  8. #888
    i cannot even play because i dont have a password
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  9. #889
    that happened to me the other day, well, something like that i had 194 energy and was reading a piece of evidence and when i went back to clear the crime scene i went down to 26 so that was a bad glitch
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  10. #890
    In Case set 17-03, Cell Division, Prison Laundry Room, there's an evidence tile that is partially covered by the ITEMS coffee cup. The best I can do is to get this tile to blink PRINT TRACE. Any hints on how to successfully click on it? I mean I *HAVE* collected and processed all the evidence for 17-03 but I'd kinda like to clear the crime scene.

    UPDATE: When processing this crime scene, one apparently has one shot at this tile. Click on it and process it. Or eave the game and coome back the next day and process it.
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