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    Well, I've bought and installed From dust from Steam.
    I've created my account but when I click "play" on the launch appears "game running" then appears "synchronizing savegames" then the launch disappears and nothing happens.
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    Same problem here. After a while a pop-up shows: "Thanks for playing From Dust! Time played:0 minutes". Launch in safe mode makes no difference either.
    Has this been solved yet? I searched but no meaningful results.

    Radeon 5770, AMD Phenom II X2 545, 4Gb, latest catalyst drivers
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    me fn too

    this is unreal everybody should get xbox live or psn game version it works but pc has f*ck us all
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    Hi, please contact technical support, the link is in my signature.
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    Similar problem. I see the Ubisoft animation then some underwater scene that waves back and forth. I never get a menu or anything. Cursor is buggy too.
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