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    Hey, just recently bought Brothers in arms 1 and 2 on steam (as well as Rainbow six raven shield) and i get this same error every time i try to play online with any of these games. I've created multiple accounts for ubi.com including the one i'm using right now to post this, but according to the games they don't exist. any help or insight would be much appreciated, i just want to play online!
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    i just bought all 3 of steam last night and i get the same at Login: The Account Does Not Exist i hope you can help
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    eney ony one have eny ideas thanks
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    Hi guys,

    Please contact ubisoft support directly, they will be able to advise your further.

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    I wish you good luck.
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    everyone replying here is having an account, this is for sure
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    I am having a problem similar to yours right now regarding Far Cry 2 and Steam as well. I filed a ticket and I thought I would mess about on the forums while waiting.
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