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    What I just got done installing VEGAS 2.Installed the patches and I get this Please insert the correct dvd? Well that is the correct dvd,I don't have another hanging around.
    I didn't switch out game dvd's,and plus my rig more than qualifies Any ideas lads??>
    Here are a few specs
    Intel I7 6 CORE 3.33GHZ
    24GB OF RAM at 2000mhz
    64 bit Windows 7
    mb=rampage 3
    video-triple sli 480 gtx.
    I use to be able to play this game on my ancient gaming system from alienware. But what gives with my new system. Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks mates
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    Actually this has been a Known issue with this game.

    Which DVD-rom drive are you using ? Some SATA Dvd drives had this problem with VEGAS 2. Try changing to some old IDE drive if possible, and then test the game over there. Try inserting the game disk on some other IDE format Dvd drive, if possible.

    And do you have any virtual devices installed like e.g. DAEMON TOOLS, Alcohol 120 etc. ?? Completely uninstall and remove these from your PC. These have known to create a problem with this game.

    I remember long back, that there was a .exe file fix for this known error and problem, but I DON'T recommend using that due to varied reasons.

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